Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Medium Joy StarPsychic Medium Joy Star
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This website was lovingly created by Joy Star
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It is an honor to be the voice for spirit on your behalf, imparting answers to your questions with guidance, insight, love, hope and inspiration. When you contact me for your reading, all of your specific questions, no matter how large or small, will be answered as I connect with higher levels of mind and all of the energies that are connected with you. When you call upon me/us to assist you with the guidance that you need in your life right now, you will receive information from the highest level of mind that I can reach for you, for your highest benefit.  

You will receive answers and insights to each and every one of your questions and concerns. I am able to read the energy around any person, place or situation (animals too). When you receive a reading with me, informational energy about any person or situation that you ask me to tune into is "read" and insights from higher levels of mind are given. If you'd like guarantee's, the best I can offer is to suggest is that you read my testimonial pages--the links to those pages are above. When you are ready for your reading session. We are here for you! 
"Into The West" (Journey's End) 
 And while you're there, 
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Psychic Experience
Do Spirits Exist?
A personal Story
by Joy Star
Psychic Experience
Opening Of 
A personal Story by Joy Star
Psychic Joy Star
Psychic Experience
Intuition, One Psychic's Journey
A personal Story by Joy Star
Joy's commentary 
about the 
I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Lightworker and Intuitive Counselor, who provides Channeling from Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones Crossed Over ~ all types of Psychic Readings.  

 When we do a phone reading, you are initially asked to speak your first name and then the information starts to flow. I tell you everything I am receiving. In an hour reading, this initial process lasts 10 to 15 min. Then we go into your specific questions. There is plenty of time to ask as many detailed questions as you would like. 

If you are unable to make or receive a phone call (for whatever reason), a convenient option is for you to  submit your questions via email, then I speak into a microphone, recording a spirit message and address your questions and areas of concern regarding the questions you submit.  Then I email you a http:// link for you to download the audio recording onto your computer.  This is perfect for busy people and especially for overseas clients.
I also a write and have included some articles here on the website.  You will find more writing about astrology and also psychic and spiritual matters on my blog. Psychic Development Education and Psychic Medium Training is another service that I provide.  

In the course material,  I openly share many of my personal adventures in Spirit World for teaching purposes as well as information given to me by my own past psychic teachers.  

Many students who have taken the classes have gone on to create websites of their own and are now working psychics.  You will find testimonials about the class on the Psychic Class page.

Services include:  Phone Readings, Email Readings, Soul Astrology Readings, Intuitive Counseling    More information about all of these services can be found on the order page.  

Listen to Joy's Voice Greeting for more specific information about the Classes, Readings and this website.

You may like to check out the FREE PSYCHIC TIPS page as well.

I am a Spiritual Lightworker and consider this to be my highest calling.  
I channel (am an open channel for)  Spirit Guides, Angels and Family & Friends who have crossed over.  (Similar to John Edwards TV show, Crossing Over).   

Sessions are affordable & reasonable. 

You are, once again, invited to read my Testimonial pages and guest book (link above) where you will find comments from prior clients. You may also like to read about how to benefit most from a psychic reading on the Info About Readings link in the left margin of this page. I hope you will want to check out my blog when you have time! 

Thanks for visiting my website. 
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