First of all, thank you for seeking this information!

I am thanking you on behalf of your very own team of Spirit Guides right this very minute! They celebrate a great deal when they know you are ready for and intending to deliberately reach out to communicate with them! Congratulations for taking the first step. Secondly, please check back from time to time. I will be adding new free audio's and am working on new material on meditation that I will be making either into an e-book or CD. I'm very enthusiastic about this project; I know it will be so helpful for others. 

I will do all that I can to facilitate your communication with them through these ‘HOW TO TIPS’. It is my honor and pleasure to be part of the step that you will now be taking into higher dimensions of consciousness while remaining awake and aware of your Spirit Guide's communication with you during your everyday, work-a-day world.

Your Spirit Guides are with you and around you even while you do the everyday mundane activities of life, and when you begin to apply these TIPS, you will find that you will become more and more aware of them with each passing moment!

Part of our spiritual journey here on Earth is to learn to be (as you have heard it said) “in the world, but not of it”. The TIPS I am going to give you will enable you to begin the process of learning exactly how to do that.  
Once you make a practice of following these guidelines you will be very aware of a wonderful group of spirit friends and advisors who have always been with you.  

First, however, learning to quiet the mind is the very first step. After a time, you will be able to apply these techniques and TIPS all the time, thereby keeping a continual open communication with your loving Spirit Guides no matter where you are or what you are doing.  
These TIPS are intended to motivate you to get started, not necessarily to be a complete, all-encompassing source of information. I am working on a more thorough source which I hope to make available in book form at a later date. (Stay tuned.) Meanwhile, here are some TIPS to help you begin your personal relationship with your Spirit Guide (s):

1. Believe in them. They believe in you! This is one of the first things they told me when I first began to communicate with them.

2. Set your intention to have a working relationship with your spirit advisors. The intention is everything. Be firm with yourself and don’t let your left brain (which doesn’t understand this stuff and doesn’t have a baseline to compare it to) talk you out of your ability to converse with your Spirit Guides. Your left brain will tell you that it’s nonsense and perhaps dangerous. “You are talking to yourself, silly”, it may say, “and if you keep this up, they will find a padded cell for you.” There is a part of yourself that may be fearful of losing touch with your reality. Don’t worry, you won’t. Just as my own Spirit Guide, Thomas, once told me (through a psychic who was channeling for me), “You are thinking you are losing your marbles, but you are really just finding them.” Contrary to those things that you read and see about mental institutions, hearing voices does not mean you are crazy. It’s the most natural thing in the world. You talk to yourself all the time. You know this is true if you are being totally honest. While you’re at it, why not let the Spirit Guides in on the communication? 

3. Unplug from the third dimension. The third dimension is a common term for the mundane reality – the everyday Earthly world. Now, I know that sounds contrary to what I said about being able to speak to your Spirit Guides anytime, anywhere. However, one has to start someplace and the beginning point is in having a quiet mind. This helps you with discernment. Quiet is needed at first to be able to clearly differentiate your thoughts from Spirit communication. Once you discern which is which, you can go to the level of hearing them anywhere, anytime.  
Spirit Guides communicate in many ways, not just through speaking in your mind, as you will read here later on.  
For now, I will use the example of hearing them since it makes things simpler. You unplug from the third dimension by quieting the mind and the best way to do this is through meditation. 
  4. Hold on! I know that people resist meditation like it’s the plague, but it really is nothing more than quieting the mind. The best way to do that is to unplug from your normal routine. Find a quiet place in nature or literally, any place where you won’t be distracted.  
Simply sit quietly. Is that all? Yes, essentially that’s it. What if I can’t sit, you say? Then anything that takes you out of your normal routine and relaxes you qualifies. Some ideas are walking, gardening, bicycling, looking at the sunset, painting and so forth. The idea is to unplug and relax and get as quiet as you can. 

5. Don’t worry if your mind won’t shut up. (Please excuse my bluntness.) Eventually, the mind will quiet—trust me. Here is where the intention part comes in. Many people stop at this point and give up, lamenting that their mind won’t be still. Persevere! No matter what! Set aside a quiet time each day or more than once a day if you are REALLY serious about this. Remember, your Spirit Guides are ready to help you and are looking forward to this relationship. They will help you clear your schedule and guide you to ways to ease your mind. Work toward the goal of sitting quietly several times a day. You may need to engage in that gardening or walking first, but then afterward sit quietly for 5 minutes just paying attention to your breath. Yes, the mind will be active (some days more than others) but eventually, you will find that there is a GAP between your thoughts and that’s where your Spirit Guides will begin to say hello.  
Just call your mind back to the breath—and do this for the full quiet time.  
No frustration allowed. Be patient and loving with yourself in the process. Often times, people hear their name being called while at this first stage of spirit communication.  
Quiet times once a day is good, two times a day is very good and three times a day is excellent!

6. When your mind quiets and you begin to feel that there are gaps between the thoughts, you can start to communicate. Yes, it may take some practice to get to the place of being aware that a gap exists in the first place (our minds can be like monkeys!), but you will get there, I promise. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, but don’t give up! Remember, your Spirit Guides really want to connect with you as much as you want to have the connection with them. Here are some ideas for how you may like to begin to dialogue with your Spirit Guides: a) Ask one Spirit Guide to give you a name b) Ask what they would like most for you to know at this time c) Ask any question that is on your mind.

7. Trust! This one is a biggie! The first answer, vision, feeling or insight that comes to your mind in reply is the right one! (Exception--See number 11. below.)  
The most significant part of this process is accepting, without any doubt, the first thing that comes to your mind. Just like the way the school teachers tell you about test-taking, the first answer is usually the right one—the same thing applies here. You may like to get a notepad and pen and have it handy to write down what comes.  
After all, that is exactly how the book, Conversations with God, was written! Writing and telepathic communication naturally goes hand-in-hand.
 8. If the answer doesn’t come immediately, no worries. That just means that it’s time to practice being aware and alert. Spirit Guides often get answers and communications to us in the most unique ways. They are actually pretty creative and have a wonderful sense of humor to boot! They will find a perfect way to communicate with YOU. It is different for everyone depending on what their most open pathways of acceptance are at any given time.  
If you don’t get the answer to your question immediately after you ask it, pay attention for the next few hours or days. Watch for answers everywhere around you--this is called being awake. The answer to your question may be on the bumper sticker of the car just ahead of you in traffic. Or it may come from the mouth of a friend, neighbor or a complete stranger for that matter. You may even hear the answer to your question in a song that comes on the radio. How will you know? You will. Trust me, you will. Every fiber of your being will shout, “That’s it! That’s the answer!” and there will be no doubt about it. Just remain open to the synchronicities in your life and you will see Spirit Guide magic all around you. 

9. Synchronicities or telepathic communication not your cup of tea? Try a pendulum. You can make one easily with a fishing weight and some fishing string. Make it about 12 to 18 inches long, rest your elbow on the table, ask it to swing one way for yes and another way to indicate no, and you have programmed it. Your Spirit Guides will work with your subconscious and super-conscious mind to help guide the tiny nerves in your fingers (even though you will swear you are not moving it!) to indicate the yes or no response you are looking for. You can even use a pendulum over a map to indicate where to move/relocate. Use your imagination and you can find a thousand ways to use a pendulum.  

HINT: don’t be surprised that when you are using the pendulum you suddenly have a flash of knowing or hear your Spirit Guide speak to you! Funny how those things work! (Using a pendulum is one way to quiet the mind and then whaah-la.)

10. Will the voice I hear be loud and booming? This is another misnomer. While sometimes it can be, for the most part, listen for the voice of your Spirit Guide to be like a whisper in your mind. Listen intently, but don’t strain. If you chase the answer, it will usually elude you. Let the answer and the voice of your Spirit Guides come to you gently, while you breathe in and out deeply, allowing yourself to relax. Listen as you would to a dear friend, for that is what your Spirit Guides are!

11. Watch for repetition. I lovingly call this being held hostage by Spirit Guides. When the same word or phrase or feeling is repeated over and over and over again—it’s a pretty sure sign that this is your Spirit Guides trying to get through!  

HINT: Your Spirit Guides will never speak to you in a critical or unloving way. If you are hearing criticism or anything fearful, that’s a sure bet that you are running an old mental program and your Spirit Guides are not getting through. In that case, look for answers to come in other ways. Just stay open and in a relaxed, positive state of mind. (See number 3. above)

This list of TIPS is not all inclusive by any means, but hopefully, it stimulated some desire on your part to reestablish communication with your dear, loving Spirit Guides who have never left you and have always been at your side.  

If these TIPS have stimulated any additional questions within you, I’d love to have you submit those to me at any time. You can send an email to me at [email protected] If you are serious about psychic development, consider the online psychic class that I offer right here on this website. Click here to read about the class or click here to listen to an audio about it. 

Your Guides have been waiting for the day when you ask how you can communicate with them. I can hear and feel them celebrating now! Don’t wait a moment longer to establish a real working relationship with them. This enables them to fulfill their mission and purpose in being; besides they love you and are here to help. You don’t have to make this journey alone! Start today and let me know how it goes. 

Infinite Blessings... more information can be found by clicking on the buttons below.
In Service,
Joy Star
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