My name is Joy Star.  
I am a Spiritual Lightworker, 
Psychic Medium and Psychic Educator
      My professional life as a Psychic Medium 
began in the 90's through a series of very interesting 
synchronistic events and circumstances.
       My previous career, aside from being a mother of 3 daughters 
(and two grandchildren), was in Physical Therapy.
  Nearly right after I graduated from PT school my 
interest in metaphysics began.   
The Mind-Body Connection was the starting point.  
My role as a Psychic Educator began 7 years ago; and I've been hosting classes in Psychic Development off and on since then, as well as doing psychic phone (etc) readings on a full time basis from my home 
in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.   
What does it mean to 'divine' information and why do it? How can you know what is in divine order for yourself and for others? Read examples of how to divine information and a little about the history of divination. Any pitfalls to psychic work?.... plus more

Feeling Love While Doing Readings, Creating a Pathway to The Divine; The Various Levels of more

A valuable personal story about TRUST from one of my earliest psychic more

Blending of Conscious mind ~ merging with Higher Mind. Unity Consciousness--talking to trees, plants & animals. Attitude & the Egoic Mind. Allowing Higher Mind to Speak Directly Through You. The Ultimate more

This lesson talks you through receiving your first psychic message. Step-by-step instructions and "how to's" for giving a psychic reading!  ... plus more ~ Audio Included

The Dance of Thoughts & Feeling-Energy; Psychometry exercises; Walking 'as' someone else; Give yourself permission to be GREAT; The psychic door; Attunement; Merging; High Energy Symptoms; Inspirational Writing vs Automatic;Defining various levels of mind... plus more

Here's an artistic, creative exercise to do before we go back into the depths of psychic development work--this little fun activity help you receive a MESSAGE from your SOUL!
Working with Symbols; Developing an EAR; Desire Stimulating Outcome; Hearing Voices; The Still, Small Voice Within; Trust; Guardian more

Coaching on Practice Exercises; Your Spiritual Ideal; Channeling; Mediumship; Kundilini Energy; Dark or Negative Energy; Added Info on Inspirational Writing as it Applies to the topic of Channeling; Self-Hypnosis; more

Suggestions for creating attunement; including crystals, incense, dance, aromatherapy, music; Final Meditation Guidelines; Suggested  Psychic Practice Exercise more

Testing psychics; Imagination, a psychic's tool; Where to begin if you want a career as a psychic; Final word on Spirit Guides; The Messiah trap; and More
Students must be willing to accept and appreciate that much of the educational material in this course originates from the personal, first-hand experience of the instructor and the education given by many of her own previous psychic and medium teachers.  This class will give you everything you need to reach any psychic goal.  Additionally, much of the course-coaching is very appropriate for those who desire to develop a career as a professional psychic.

Special Note to Student:  This course is detailed, in depth an will give you everything you need to fully explore the area of psychic and intuitive development and to know more about the subject of divination.  It's is not a skeleton course of general information.  

MEDITATION is a very important part of a successful outcome in this course and a daily meditation practice--even just 5 to 15 minutes daily--is highly beneficial to the success of the psychic exercises!  

Students may also like to consider taking this class with a friend in order to enhance their enjoyment and to  increase their benefit from the course work.  

Please note that it doesn't matter how much beforehand knowledge you have about the person to whom you will give your message work.  The psychic practice exercises are designed in such a way that this is not a factor.

Students will be exposed to learning through the stories and shared experiences of the teacher and her teachers before her.  Information is given in both written form and in audio files, as well as through transcripts of radio interviews with well-known psychics, many with PhD's in this field.

The audio's are supplemental and while not completely necessary for success, the student should note that listening to the audio's will greatly enhance the written instructions. 

Students should realize that much of the information in both written and audio formats was designed for use with previous classes and therefore may be presented in such a manner; however, this does only adds additional value to the current course.

Students must have at least a high school reading and writing level to feel comfortable and successful. 
Audio's which accompany this course will be in MP3 format and therefore any sound player (i.e. windows media player), which most computers have, will be all that is required for listening. All audio files can also be downloaded to your computer.

Aside from all of this, the most important 
requirement is your enthusiastic interest in 
communicating with higher levels of mind! 

The goal of this course is to assist the student to re-connect with, to re-member and to trust their innate [inborn] ability to be in harmony with divine mind in all areas of their life and specifically for the purpose of “doing readings” for the benefit of self and others, thereby increasing self-awareness, intuitive ability & connections to Spirit Guides.
Course Materials:

--A quiet place for meditation

--A computer, of course!

--Audio sound player on computer to listen to audio mp3 files

--Friends/family volunteers to whom the student give readings and receives feedback  
Additional Note:
Students will become more trusting and accurate dependent upon his or her devotion toward practice. Practice holds the key to success. This course will give you all that you need to get started and to succeed.  Joy cannot make any assurances of outcomes;
that part is up to you!
My Education:

-Atlantic University Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

-Center for Metaphysical Studies, Sarasota, FL

-Physical Therapist Assoc. of Science Degree, AS - BCC
My Expertise:

Psychic Medium
and  Intuitive Counselor - 10 yrs

Psychic Development Educator - 7 yrs.

Physical Therapist  -11 yrs
Important Enrollment Information:

Once you pay for the class, the page that comes up gives you the ... 

http:// link to access the Online Class Lesson Master Page and the password to access all the pages lessons that are contained in the course.    

Remember, you can take 6-months to complete the class.

Remember, this course is mentored. This means that I am  available to you via email during the time you are in the class; or even by phone if necessary.  
If at any time I am unavailable for more than a few days, I will let you know.   

 Don't put this off another day...
Let's get started on this Life Changing Journey 
together right away!

Read Testimonials from Students in the left margin of this page
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I use Paypal to process all  debit & credit cards, and have been since 2004 without a single problem of any type.   
It's not necessary 
to open a Paypal account 
in order to pay with your credit or debit card.
Psychic Development Class Onoine
  • Personal Mentoring, as needed, by email and/or phone

  • Occasional Teleconference Calls for Added Instruction and Optional Student Practice, as students request

  • Student Interaction & Practice Available in Online Forum

  • Web Page Core Course Material, over 11 web pages.  

  • Audio Lessons (9 hrs.) on various classroom web pg's.

  • Audio Archive of Previous Teleconference Calls & Recordings of Meditations & Additional Instruction for download or listening

  • Self-Tests at the End of Various Webpage Lessons

  • Class is Self-Paced, Ongoing -- Start Anytime & remain in class a full 6-months (extensions are possible upon request)
Are you ready to learn exactly how to tap into the spiritual forces around you and make your intuition fully functioning?  Then this in depth psychic medium development course is for you!  What you will learn here will help you to learn to communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and your own intuitive nature.  The training you receive here will also help you with relationships, careers, or any area where higher guidance could be beneficial in your life or the lives of others.   What you will discover in this course are the methods and practices which enable you to be more open to receive information from your soul/Higher Self at all times; and this includes learning how to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over!   (Priceless)  The results experienced after performing the exercises detailed in this class can be quite astonishing. People are often amazed when they discover just how limitless their intuitive skills really are! 
The art of divination and the ability to tap into divine guidance is inborn, innate within you.  This course will teach you exactly how to tap into those spiritual forces that have always been around you and how to make that spiritual attunement  that so necessary to activate your ability to communicate with spiritual guidance (Spirit Guides).   

The tried and tested material included here will aid your spiritual growth and allow you to develop the maximum psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities in the minimum of time.  Many audio presentations explaining the psychic practice exercises (giving readings) are included with this course, as well as audio presentation story telling examples are shared to help jump-start your psychic and mediumship abilities.   
Whether you are looking at this course for the purpose of...

     enhancing your personal intuition for everyday use and personal                  spiritual evolution 

      communication with Spirit Guides; spiritual evolution

      change your career to become a professional psychic medium 

      improving your existing psychic career or any other career in                         which using intuition and psychic ability are helpful (and
      that's all careers!) 

...everything you need is right here!  See full description of the lessons below

Enrollment Fee is one-time $125 (US dollars)  

Just a few clicks and you can start taking the Class immediately...   

Hi Joy! 
I am almost done Lesson 4 and got the sudden inspiration to write a quick testimonial for your class as a sort of Thank you so much for this class!!
I just would like to say that this course, the material and the instructor are just blowing me away!!  I never in a million years expected just from reading the content of her small promo on the class, what we are getting from it!! The content is incredibly deep and enlightening!!  I've taken several modalities of healing and psychic development: Reiki 1&2, Pranic Healing and Theta Healing.  Yet nothing compares to what you are getting from this one class!!  I am learning soooo much and am advancing my skills so fast!  I am so grateful I was led to this class!! 
Joy is amazing, she comes from a place of peace and unconditional love and that is why this class is so powerful, because you learn to shift to that place as well!  This class just continuously surprises me and I am only on Lesson 4!!  Thanks Joy for everything and for allowing this magnificent work to come through!!  God Bless you!!
Regarding the class with Joy, at the end I found a treasure...a well that wasn't tapped dry. So often in my prior studies, the material started to run thin very quickly. The area where I live isn't exactly a hotbed of progressive thought, so it is hard to find metaphysical teachers of substance, or classes that leave you filled. Not so here. Joy has a constant supply of not only inspirational, but highly USE-abe practical information. The guidance of spirit is obvious in the classes. Some classes are like a bag of spun sugar; taking class with Joy is more like a big warm deep dish apple pie a la mode! 
This class has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I will never regret taking the class for it has opened up for me new insights into myself, as well as others. I came into this class with NO prior knowledge, experience, etc. Just the desire to connect to my higher self.  I was able to see that we all have the ability to 'be psychic'.  Being able to validate the readings the way the class is set up is such an amazing feeling! Meeting my spirit guides and realizing that they are there for me always was just one of many highlights for me. Joy was there every step of the way, when I doubted, she encouraged. She guided the class in such a way that we all felt so connected , the meditations were awesome! Joy is a WONDERFUL teacher and a very loving, giving person. The lessons we learned will be with us all of our lives. I would advise anyone that has the desire to grow and learn to take advantage of these classes! 
As for the class, it was just about perfect!! The content was exactly right...just what we beginners need. It built confidence, yet still focused on very important skills, like knowing what is spirit and what is the sitter, knowing the connection to spirit and giving messages.  It was just an utter delight beginning to end! But the best part of the class was doing readings and the meditations. I ended each class not only learning something vital and new, but also feeling fed, nurtured and satisfied. I can't thank you enough! 
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting these classes. They have been very helpful to me and have given me a boost of confidence that I've been needing regarding my intuition.  I look forward to attending future classes when they are available. You are a very knowledgeable and talented teacher. I see your gift which guides others to succeed in their journey of self awareness. You are a lovely person and you help to make this world a brighter place. 
When the student is ready, the teacher will be there!  Not many truer words have I heard.  I want to thank you for forming this class, which is MISSED already, and I cannot wait for the next to begin!  I want to thank you for your instruction and guidance, and for all the times you have shared your experiences, which is truly the greatest teacher of all.  

--You have shown me the way, Joy.  The way to the inside, and the way to love and connect with all.  Somehow, that makes many other things in my day insignificant, especially negative and hurtful things.  What an improvement! 

--You never, not once, doubted any of us could experience what I did in your class.   Again, teaching by example!   I think this is more than a "class."   I want to tell you and everyone else this is an experience well worth having.     In Love, Light, and Appreciation

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More testimonials....
More testimonials....
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
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12 Webpages of Instruction, including 9 hrs. of Audio Instruction. 
Bonus Audio Page full of additional audio material.  Personal Mentoring from Instructor, as needed.
Hello Joy,
My name is Diane and I am a student in your Psychic Class.  I just completed lesson one and I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all that you are doing. You are truly amazing and the teachings that you share are wonderful.  My life goal is to be a professional Psychic Medium. I am currently taking an intuitive/psychic class here in Utah, but for some reason I felt that I needed more, thus I found your website.  

It was amazing how much I can relate to you and what you speak of.  When I completed lesson one, it helped me to fill in the missing gaps of questions and experiences that I am having.  

Also I did a reading this morning for a client and I cannot tell you how much easier it was for me to read her and the flow it took since I took your advice on reading people .....what a difference!!!
Again, thank you for making this class accessible and affordable for people who really want to do this work and want to make a difference.

Hi Joy – First I want to say how much I am enjoying the class. I am still trying to get in the habit of daily meditation and applying the techniques you’ve taught me so far into my daily life. All really good stuff that will make me a much better person. My first reading/meditation was for my best friend Charles. The good news is he has a great heart and we have a similar belief system. The bad news is he is a lawyer and loves to interrogate and point out the “It could have just been because…”. I chose him because he is very supportive and I knew he would give me the validation I am seeking that would help me be more confident in my abilities. I have to admit going into my first reading I was thinking that there was no way I could have any messages sent from my guides this early in the process. But I put that aside and tried to only focus on the positive aspects and on the excitement of making a connection. I did my breathing, listened to your audio recordings and followed your instructions, meditating on Charles and thinking about the three areas. You can imagine my surprise when the first thing I told him from my list was “When you were a child did you have really bad buck teeth? So bad that it made you feel self-conscious and this feeling is something that is still with you even today”. His eyes got really big and said “how did you know that - I must have showed you a picture”. He said the other kids use to call him bucky beaver in school and it did indeed make him feel really bad about himself. I was just as surprised and started laughing with joy. Little ‘ole me had a message for Charles. What a wonderful gift I’d been given/experienced. I went on to tell him about... [snip]
 Well these things certainly got his attention and we were then able to go through everything I wrote on the list and discuss them. Although there were some things that did not ring true to him I received enough validation that I was on the right track.  Thanks again for the class Joy. I really am enjoying this life changing experience. Jeff 

Here are the nitty-gritty course details...  
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides
IMPORTANT:  Once you make your payment, pay close attention to the page comes up right after you make your payment. The course access information is on that screen.  Don't click off that page without first reading the info & making note of the http:// address and password for the class--please save it. :)  

Should you need any additional assistance, no worries... call the number below or email [email protected]  
More Student Testimonials HERE

                                                                           Personal Message from Joy Star

Welcome to this page, this class, and the potential journey that lies before you. There is quite a lot of information on this page about the course for you to review.  If you've already made up your mind and you're ready to get started now, the sign up button is at the bottom of this page. 

Otherwise, I put as much about the class on this page as possible to help you with your decision about taking the course including descriptions of each lesson.  The course includes 12 webpages and about 8 hours worth of audio instruction.  In addition, there is a bonus audio page with meditations and bonus audio instruction included with the class. 

This is not a quick, vague course and as you read about the lessons below, this should be fairly evident.  

Additionally, I will remain with you, and available to you, throughout your journey as mentor.  

Most psychics charge a per hour rate that is higher than this entire course; that may be a way to consider the enrollment fee.

  Everything that you will need to know to make the decision to enroll in the class can be found below.  If there is anything that you still need to know you can email me at [email protected] or give me a call (704) 663-1331.  Previous student testimonials start the information process before you below... 

If you find that this course is going to be the next step in your journey, we welcome you with open arms!

With Highest Love and Infinite Blessings, 
Spirit Guides
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