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Suggestion:  You may like to listen to the 4 minute introduction audio (on the left).

The little audio on this page will give you more detail about the set-of -six psychic development mini-class audio downloads.  

Each audio in the set-of-six is approx. 50 minutes in length.

If you are serious about how to be more psychic and intuitive, no matter what level of previous experience you have in these areas, I'm confident that you will find this information valuable and worthy of the very small investment/energy exchange.

I've made these as affordable and accessible as possible for you... 
                        ...just click and start listening to this set of 6 mini-class audio's right away!  
 Once you use the order button below, you will be taken directly to a web page that gives you the http:// address location for all  six of the files as well as the required password to access the page on which the audios are located. 

So you will have instant access to the audios right after the online transaction below is completed.

  Once you place your order, remember to save the password and page address so you can revisit the page.  

You can listen to the audiios right from this website OR you can download them or both, whichever you desire. 
How much? $7 per class ~  a very reasonable $42 for all 6 audios.

Still not sure and want more info?  
Listen to the audio above before you buy :)  

Use your paypal account or any major credit or debit card 
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NOTE:  After you pay, webpages will automatically redirected your next steps right to the page which gives you the link to the 6 audio's.  :)

 Please email me [email protected] OR call me 
at the number below if there should be any problems   
For information about the full course which contains 
11 webpages of lessons, 8+ hours of audio (not the same audio as the mini-class), plus an audio bonus page containing additional audio instruction and meditations, click the link below. The full course is mentored by Joy. Connections with other students via two private groups (Yahoo and Facebook) is available as part of the full course as well.   Students use the groups for psychic practice and socializing. (Joining the groups is optional).    

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