Audio's Summary
Join me as I address a common frequently asked question about how to divine information for your own spiritual journey and to assist others with guidance in life. 

I hope this will be helpful for both beginners and those with experience in these areas....

If you are a beginner....
the information shared in these audio's should give you some basic understanding in order to help you to get started with the process...
These audio's are little talks involving communication from Spirit Guides and Higher Mind and how to prepare for this connection and enhance the process. 
Also, meditation audios
If you have been working in these areas already..
the information shared in these audios may enhance your current level of understanding or give you insight that you may not have considered previously.Hope you enjoy!   
Exploring Divination 
Questions or Comments?
Feeling stressed, wounded, or anxious?  Travel through the heart center and to the stars with me!  
Meditation, mindfulness and present awareness applied to psychic development & readings
Subtle energy & the Taoist principle of wu-wei in doing psychic work & hearing Spirit Guides
How to recognize thoughts that come from Higher Mind or Spirit Guides
20 min.
Joy's Audio's
20 min.
 35 min.
11 min. 
Take a few moments and LET GO!
 30 min.
Past Life Regression
 14 min.