Photo Gallery
Joy with  her Mother, Daughters,
Son-in-Law, & Grandchildren
Joy feeding deer who come to visit me just outside my door . . .
(I live in the Pisgah National Forest Area)
Joy's Granddaughter
Joy's Sister
& Niece
Joy's three Daughters,
Christmas 2005 
Joy's Father  (Now in Spirit World)
Joy's Aura Photo 1998
Joy's Grandson  at waterfall
The root of the tree!
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Two of Joy's three Daughters
Here are a few photo's
of my family   . . .

Grandaughter's Birthday Pics:
Love at first sight!
Joy's daughter & granddaughter
That girl loves her daddy!
Joy's son-in-law and grandaughter
Joy with Granddaughter
Oldest daughter
Daughter & Granddaughter
Daughters & Grandson

(Granddaughter before she  had hair!)
Raggedy Ann Granddaughter!
Would not keep her shoes tied!
Daugher & granddaughter
making Christmas cookies
I love that expression on her face!
(and all the flour too)
Sisters ~ Surprise visit!
My favorite meditation spot!
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our family photo gallery!
God Bless!
L to R, Son-in-law, daughter, Joy, daughter graduate,
daughter w/grandson, X-hubby, Sister & niece
Joy, taking your call
Granddaughter in Meditation Pose
Joy & daughter
Daughter & Grandaughter
Psychic friends,
John Holland & Glenn Klausner
Granddaughter Dec 2009
Christmas 2009 at my daughter's house ~ all the youngest ones
The Third daughter & her son
Joy Star, Psychic Medium