A Personal Story
by Joy Star
I am writing this story because I promised one of the gals in our last Psychic Development Class that I would write about it.  So, Teri, this is for you and we will send it ‘round to others and post it on the website too.  Maybe this will be of some interest to others.  Perhaps one or more of you who read this have experienced a similar occurrence or at some point will, in which case this information may be of service.  With that said, let me begin to recount how my third eye opened and how it all unfolded.

The time this occurred was approximately 9 years ago—back in 1995.  It seems like yesterday; how quickly time moves.  Or better said how rapidly our consciousness expands once we set the intention to work at higher levels in the life!  I was living in Florida at the time and taking classes in Psychic Development at the local metaphysical center. 

I had set the intention to become a better human being and to work with meditation and psychic awareness.  I was disenchanted with my work as a physical therapist and wanted to find out more about the mind-body connection.  One could say that this was a great time of awakening for me.  I remember my teacher saying that I was ‘opening up’ quickly, but wrote this off as talk that I really did not consciously  understand at the time.  However, less than a month later things began to happen that led me to fully agree with her!

As I reflect on how it started, I am taken to a memory of standing before my teacher and asking her why my sitting bone area burned when I sat in meditation.  It only happened when I was meditating; otherwise, I did not have the hot, fiery feeling at the base of my spine.  It was quite distracting and frustrating and I turned to her for guidance. 

She did what I used to call “run upstairs” to get an answer for me.  When she tuned into Spirit for answers she would shift her eyes upward and I always had the image of her running up some steps to check on things and coming back down with information.  In reply to my concern about the burning, she said that the Spirit Guides advised that I begin doing ‘walking meditation’.

I did not realize that one could meditate while walking, but my teacher instructed me that this is indeed possible to do.  She also told me that the burning was a result of kundalini (spiritual energy) energy rising. 

I began to meditate while walking and found it to be a wonderful experience that I enjoyed very much, and it did eventually alleviate the burning.  One evening at twilight time I went to my favorite outdoor place to meditate.  I was able to sit and meditate again by then.  It was a Sunday and had been an especially quiet day.  I was reading a book that day written by Deepok Chopra on the subject of Merlin and King Arthur.  I sat in meditation by the canal near my home and looked at the stars that were starting to make themselves present in twilight sky and thought about a scene in the book. 

I contemplated the idea of what I read that day which inferred that we are the same energy as the stars.  The same energy that runs through the stars, runs through us he said.  Merlin demonstrated this teaching to Arthur by showing how he could bring down a star from the sky.  He left Arthur with possession of the star and as he departed, he said, “Don’t forget to hang the star back up in the sky before you leave.”  As I looked at the star, I thought about this scene that I read earlier that day in the book.

I wondered perhaps if I, too, could bring down a star to examine it more closely.  I sat for a long period of time staring at one particular star and in my meditative state tried to connect with it.  Soon I realized that this star was dancing in the sky.   Rather than assume my eyes were playing tricks, I allowed myself to assume it was so.  The star was dancing!

I moved the star this way and that,  and then I began to draw it to me.  It seemed that this star was growing larger in my vision—a result of it coming nearer.  The star was coming to me! 

The next thing I knew, I was flying out of my own body, going to the star as it was coming to me.  I was moving forward at a very fast pace and was traveling quickly out past the canal in front of which my physical  body remained sitting.   I was definitely traveling!  It felt like all of me was moving forward!

I wish now that I hadn’t allowed myself to become startled and afraid.  I have thought about it many times since.  I have even tried to reproduce the experience over these past nine years, but to no avail. 
As soon as I realized I was out of my body and traveling, my fear brought me right back into my body, quite abruptly!  I actually slammed back in quite hard and then suddenly, to my amazement, everything was brilliant white all around me.  And I mean brilliant white!  It almost hurt my eyes.  It stayed that way for a number of minutes as I considered if this brillant white light actually was the star all round me. 

Gradually the brilliant light seemed to gather around a pine tree that was to my right and it lingered there for a few moments longer.  I just sat watching it in amazement.  It grew dimmer and finally dissolved, yet I noticed as I remained looking at the tree that I could see a white, pulsating haze around the branches. 

After a while, I turned my gaze to neighboring trees and they, too, had a white, pulsating haze just as the one to my right did. 

I want to pause here and encourage others to begin to journal your experiences.  I was advised to do this many times by my teachers, but did not heed their wisdom.  Now I wish I had kept a journal, for I could tell you exactly what happened next.

To the best of my recollection, the next significant memory I have following this event has to do with what happened one day shortly thereafter during a walking meditation.  I had grown to enjoy walking meditation, even though the burning at the base of my spine had subsided.  I will throw in that a few years later I had that same burning but this time at my crown charka.  Oh, it was just as uncomfortable and irritating as the base of the spine burning was years before, but this time I was told to put a cap or cloth over my head which would help.  Indeed, it did – so I will pass that on to you in the midst of this story.  Perhaps knowing this will help you too.  Eventually, I would put my hair in a ponytail and crop it right at the crown charka, where the burning was, with thick, cloth elastic.  It helped.   These chakra-burning occurrences were years apart, but lasted only a week to 10 days in total duration.   They did not interfere with my daily affairs in any way.  I still have occasions when the area at my crown charka burns; however, it seems to only last a day or two.  I see it as a sign that the energy coming onto the planet is very intense. 

The next event that I recall in relation to my third eye involved suddenly seeing some very unusual energy   one day shortly after the star episode.      
During that time, I continued to see a haze of energy around trees and then around people.  I was quite enthralled and enchanted with this newfound ability to see energy fields.   I used every opportunity to gaze out the window at work to be sure the energy around the trees was still there, and of course it still was and still is.

One day shortly after the star episode, while walking, I began to see ‘stuff’ floating in the air.  This was very unmistakable – it appeared dark and was reminiscent of black ink that had been poured in the air and was floating around.  Needless to say I thought I was going blind or crazy, but could not seem to stop looking at it.  After a number of days,  the color lightened up to a dark grey, a lighter grey and then to a silvery white just as it appears now. 

I whispered nothing of this to anyone fearing that I would be completely misunderstood, but just watched it as it kept moving and floating around.  I began to learn that I could shut it off or shift it out and then back in again whenever I desired to.  I found it a very comforting presence in my life. To always see this swirling silvery, white energy around me helped me to feel less alone somehow.

I made an inquiry from one of my teachers who said that I was beginning to ‘see through the veil’.  One interesting thing was that I could see this swirling energy with my eyes closed or opened—either way it was always there, and still is.  That week we were given free eye exams at work and my eyes checked out fine.  When I described what I was seeing to the eye exam people they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.  They had no idea or offered not explaination.  It confirmed what I knew.  What I was seeing was meta (beyond) the physical, metaphysical.

I began, also, to see bubbles and squiggles in the air along with this silvery energy.  Soon after, I was able to see colors around people and animals, but that seemed to require a bit more effort at times.  Other times, I could spontaneously see them. 

When no one was around me to observe my eye movement, I would allow myself to ‘follow’ the energy around with my physical eyes.  This began to make my eye muscles very sore and tired.  One day, it became a bit irritating to me and I screamed, in my mind, for it to all go away.  Suddenly, it did and instantly I missed it and became heartily sorry that I commanded it away.  I asked for it to come back, and it did.  I had a sense that there was a ‘presence’ within this energy that was a great comfort to me.  I did indeed regret that I commanded it away and was grateful for its return.  I have come to take it for granted these days and I am enjoying telling you the story and reliving the experience anew.
I was told from one of my teachers that the ‘bubbles’ were spirit beings who surround me.  Someone else told me that it was simple orgone energy and not to worry about it.  Intuitively, I felt that the bubbles actually were spirit beings and found that if I could capture and hold one in my attention field, it would grow larger.    I could see something inside of it and  it appeared as if it had the shape and form of a person inside.  Since then, I have seen graphic artists draw what it is I am able to see with my physical eyes, and it has been very joyful for me to know others see these energy beings and bubbles, too.  Here is a depiction from the graphic artist, Gilbert Williams to give you an example:
It wasn’t long after the time when I became irritated with the energy because my eyes were sore that a full explanation arrived about what was going on.  As it often happens, a book came to me which explained it all.  Within the pages of the book, were written instructions for opening the 3rd eye.   The major exercise that was given to facilitate the process was to consciously engage in REM (rapid eye movement).  The author of the book instructed, through his writing, that the student who wishes to facilitate opening of the 3rd eye should work with rapid eye movement.  Exercises were given to look up, down, side ways, and at angles.  I then realized that through the appearance of that liquid ink-like energy which I followed for weeks with my eyes, that I was actually doing rapid eye movements!  I was naturally engaging in REM quite often throughout the day without realizing it,  simply by looking at the swirling energy around me, following it with my eyes!  I thought that this was very cool and an ingenious way for me to naturally do REM without really having to discipline myself by consciously doing eye exercises.

I will conclude this with just a few more quick stories about what followed once my 3rd eye opened.  I will add first, however, that I believe that I have more to open, for I wish to be able to see even more.  However, I have to trust the natural process of things and know that when it is time, it will happen just as naturally as did the star explosion and the liquid ink pouring out in the air.  I don’t know what else to call these experiences, so I have given them my own names, as unsophisticated as they are!  

I believe that through strong desire, and lots of emotion, interesting things can happen.  To exemplify this I will share a story with you about the time I began to work with dowsing.  I learned the technique in a one-day seminar and purchased my own rods.  I began to feel and understand energy fields around that time.  Specifically, to feel when there was an energy field present.  I used the rods, and then my own hands and body, to feel if there was a spirit guide or someone from spirit world present in the room.  I found that the dowsing rods would move when I walked toward someone who was present in spirit.  Soon I learned to put the rods down and use my hands to feel the energy.  One evening I was talking aloud to my spirit guide and thankfully no one was peeking in the window or they would have felt for certain I had gone mad.

However, I was saying, “Okay, if you are really there, then kindly move to this place in the room.”  I would designate a place for the spirit to stand; and then I’d confirm the presence of the energy with the dowsing rods, followed by feeling the force field with my very own hands.  

As I worked with directing spirit energy more and more, after about an hour, I could see a basketball-size round light with silver sparkles move just exactly where I directed it.  Mind you, I was seeing this energy ball of silver sparkling energy move around my room, under my direction, with my eyes fully open!  I felt such love and playfulness and while I was not frightened, I was stunned that what I thought was there, actually was! 

Another time, right after my 3rd eye opened, I saw 3 spirit beings in full size and form in a well lit room with about 30 other people present.  At that time, I did not speak of it.  Here is the reason.  While in the presence of the entire psychic class of 30 people the week before, I asked if anyone else saw what I was seeing.  Many in the room were already practicing psychics and I felt certain that people would confirm that I was not crazy or going blind.

I will never forget the feeling I had when I posed the question to the group at large.  I  went to great lengths to specifically describe what I was seeing.  When I finished my oration, I said, “So does anyone else see this?”  Dead silence.  Not even the teacher offered an explanation that I can recall.  It frightened me to realize that no one else knew what I was talking about.  Shortly thereafter I went to a program at different metaphysical center,  and took the psychic artist who was conducting the evening’s activities aside.  I turned to her for guidance and to my great relief this other teacher knew exactly what I was talking about.  She went into her own details of what she saw in addition to what I had described.  “Yes, yes!” with tears in my eyes, is all I could say.  She was confirming my experience which I really needed at that time.   What a relief!  I wasn’t crazy after all!    I gave her a big hug and kiss and was so thankful that she was there that night to help me. 
You can see, therefore, that I was not about to tell those 30 people in the other center about it.  Those people had no idea what I was talking about before.  However, a few weeks later,  in the very room where I got the blank stares, I saw the 3 large spirit beings standing in the corner.    These 3 large beings were very present, under the florescent lights of a room in a library with 30 other people also present.  They remained in the vision of my physical eyes for a number of minutes.  I tried to shake them loose from my vision by looking the other way several times, but each time I looked back, they were still there!

These were not basketball sized balls of light.  Rather their height went from floor to ceiling and they were standing in what seemed like a holding pattern, just pulsating and waving in place.  There were no faces; however their shape was that which would be human form.  There was a rounded shape at the head and shoulders, yet then just flowing energy all the way down to the floor.  There were no arms or feet – the energy just trailed off.  I could see right through them -- they were translucent.  Their vertical energy was sort of rippled and moving and I remember thinking that this is why people draw angels in long flowing gowns, for that is how the flow of their energy seemed similar.  They did not speak to me, or I to them.     I was just looking at them (with my physical eyes) for what seemed like a very long time.  They remained in my view for minutes, not seconds.  At one point, I looked away and back again, and this time they were gone.

I have long since wished to see them again; but to no avail.  Although, many times when I do readings, I see the basket ball sized glittering light present for momentary flashes. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading the story of how my 3rd eye opened and a few of the experiences that it has been my  privilege to write about.  It has been a pleasure to recall these stories for you today.  If I had to summarize how it all happened, I would have to say quite naturally.  These events seem  to have been part of my intending to be more conscious, loving and spiritual.

In Service and Love,
Your Sister in Light,
Joy Star
Psychic Medium
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