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February   2004


~ INTRODUCING SAI BABA                             




I remember now walking into the Center of Eternal Light (the local Light Center where I used to live) and having the medium there point out the picture of Sai Baba, a holy avatar from India.  I thought the lady was a little off the wall as she spoke of Sai Baba -- I had never heard of him!  And as I looked at his picture – I saw a man with the wildest hair I’d ever seen! 

However, I was intrigued by not only his appearance but by what my teacher was telling me about Him.  She said that he was performing many of the types of miracles that Jesus was attributed to achieving.

I had read the book, Super Beings, and ever since that time was keenly interested in the principles of “manifestation”.  I ‘knew’ that I was going to be learning a lot about manifestation from that point forward – I ‘knew’ that I had come to learn about manifesting and that I ‘had it in me’ to be a master of manifestation!  Therefore, Sai Baba was of interest to me from that point alone (at first).

The lady at the Center became a teacher to me and I learned a lot from her, including all about Sai Baba.  Now, I am very close to Him and I could write a book about my experiences with Sathya Sai Baba.  (Sathya is Sai Baba’s first name, and it means ‘truth’).

I would like to introduce you now to Sai Baba for those of you who have the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the heart to understand. 

I think a good way to do this is to quote from a book entitled Divine Memories of Sathya Sai Baba by Diana Baskin. 

Diana Baskin writes:  “Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the greatest spiritual leader in India today.” 

(Note from Joy:  Bhagavan translates to “The Lord, also used as a title of celebrated saints in India.  And the word Sri is a word often used as an honor-ific prefix to the name of deities and eminent persons.)

“He is recognized as an Avatar (incarnation of divinity).  He was the Krishna Avatar of the Bhagavad Gita and before that the Rama Avatar, in the famed epic The Ramayana”. 

(Note from Joy:  Krishna is a Hindu God and Avatar.  The Bhagavad Gita is an important Hindu scripture containing the teachings of Lord Krishna.  Further note:  God has many faces!)

“In His last incarnation in the early decades of this century, He was known throughout India as the saint Sai Baba of Shirdi.  He has prophesied that following this incarnation, He will be reborn once more in India and known as Prema Sai.”

(Note from Joy:  The word Prema means Love and Prema Sai translates to Sai Baba’s future incarnation.)

“In the West, we are not familiar with the concept of an Avatar, but Sai Baba goes a step further from exclusivity---Sai Baba states, “You are all Avatars (divine incarnations)".  That is what He has come to teach mankind:  “I and my father are one.  Be still and know that I am God.  The kingdom of heaven is within.”

“He has not come to start a new religion, but to give us faith in ourselves and the God within us:  to become better Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or Jews and to “love our neighbor as ourselves”.  His emblem carries the symbols of the five major religions of the world as He has come to teach us to see unity in diversity.  His teachings are simple enough for a child to understand, and they can be found in any and all religions.”

“He has performed the same miracles:  multiplying food, raising the dead and curing the lame and many more that were attributed to Jesus, but the real miracle is He.  No matter how much is written about Him or how well described are His wondrous miracles, words will always fail.  Sugar must be tasted for its sweetness to be known and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba must be experienced.”

“One does not need to go to India to experience Him unless on is a doubting Thomas as I (the author of the book) was.  Anyone, who sincerely prays to Him from the heart, will inevitably receive an answer.  He will respond, and in an instant, truth will no longer be a mere word, but a reality.”

(Note from Joy:  I tested this and found that Sai Baba has never failed me!  Ever! And I see him as a representative of The Father, just as all Saints and Angels are.)

“I (the author, Diana Baskin) have not written this book for those skeptics who refuse to be convinced, but to give hope and faith to the searchers who feel that there must be a purpose to life and that there must be some who have reached this goal.  Also I have written for the devotees who repeatedly, after hearing of my experiences, have asked me to write a book about them.  Too, I have derived much pleasure and benefit from reading about other people’s experiences with Swami (as He is called by his devotees) and eagerly purchased newly released books of which there was never enough.”

The book continues, but I will stop quoting the author.   Instead I  will now turn to some quotes from Sai Baba which are contained in the book.  This will give you the "feel" of His energy: 

There are four things in which every man must interest himself:  Who am I?  Where from have I come?  Whiter am I going?  How long shall I be here?  All spiritual inquiry begins with these questions and attempts to find out the answers.

--Sathya Sai Baba

Life is a pilgrimage where man drags his feet along the rough and thorny road.  With the name of God on his lips, he will have no thirst; with the form of God in his heart, he will feel no exhaustion.  The company of the holy will inspire him to travel in hope and faith.  The assurance that God is within calling distance, that He is ever near, and that He is not long in coming will lend strength to his limb and courage to his eye.

--Sathya Sai Baba

You may be seeing me today for the first time, but you are all old acquaintances for Me.  I know you through and through. 

--Sathya Sai Baba

Whenever your faith meets my love there is the cure.      –Sathya Sai Baba

I bring tears of joy into your eyes and I wipe the tears of grief. –Sathya Sai Baba

Do not come to me with your hands full of trash for how can I fill them with grace when they are already full.  Come with empty hands and carry away My treasure, My love. 

--Sathya Sai Baba

To eliminate the ego, strengthen the belief that all objects belong to God and you are holding them on trust.  This would prevent pride; it is also the truth.

--Sathya Sai Baba

Difficulties are created to increase the yearning and to sift the sincere devotee from the rest.

--Sathya Sai Baba    

The following are excerpts from personal letters that Sai Baba wrote the author of the book:

“Accept my love and blessings.  How are you?  Don’t worry, God is always with you, in you, around you, be always happy.  Bend the body, mend the senses, end the mind.  This is the process of attaining immortality.  Where there is faith there is devotion ~where there is devotion there is purity ~ where there is purity, there is God ~ where there is God, there is Bliss.

God is with you.  You ARE God ~ why worry?

Blessings, Baba”

And one other letter published in the book is as follows:

“Accept my Blessings and Love.  All are happy days to a man of true knowledge.  Happiness is an internal conscious experience which comes as the effect of the inclination of a mental or physical desire.  The lesser the desires, the greater is the happiness, so that perfect happiness consists in the destruction or satisfaction of all desires in the Absolute being.  Greatness is really independent – and does not depend upon externals. It is the sense of perfection or the consciousness of the achievement of the highest end of life that is called greatness.  Fame among many people is not called greatness in its strictest sense.  The answer is more a question of definition, and the definition depends on the view-point, culture and experience of each man.  

Goodness is not false or impossible, but is the one factor which gives real value of life.

Life without goodness is not real lie, but only a scene of the destructive dance of the evil forces which shall drown the individual in grief.  Goodness is the way to true happiness. In the ultimate analysis, there is no separate entity as goodness.  It obtains only in the relative plane.   Where duality is transcended, no question of pairs of opposites arises.  God is always with you, in you. 

Be happy.  Baba”


I suppose many of you know that many of our American companies are employing overseas labor.   I hear that India’s economy is doing very well thanks to AT&T.  I have no personal judgment around this, deferring to the divine order of all things in this matter.  I could see that on one occasion that a phone call to India was divine and I had the added realization that it amounts to a uniting of countries on levels that may not be readily understood by many.  Yes, yes, I know we could argue this point, but I have no indention of doing so since I accept the divinity of all matters. 

I have been trying to straighten out a phone bill for months now and once again called AT&T and as I made the call I wondered if I would, indeed, actually reach someone from India on the other end of the line.  (That is—after I got through all the voice option menus! And the waiting period to speak to a human!) 

It turned out that I spoke with a young man who informed me that he was not permitted to discuss where he was from; however told me that my wondering if he was in India was a pretty good guess!  He had a charming sense of humor and one of the first questions that I asked him is if he knew Sai Baba.  For a very long time we talked about our Beloved Baba and he shared with me his knowledge and experiences of Sai Baba and in exchange I spoke of mine.  He said that he believed that Sai Baba was with me and that the phone call with me was the most blissful he had ever experienced while working for AT&T.  I felt the same way!  I told him I was almost out of Vibhuti (the sacred and curative/healing ash that is materialized by Sai Baba), and he suggested that one never knows when more will show up!  (More on this in a moment)  He straightened out my phone bill errors and I felt such a connection the whole time I spoke with the young man in India – as if Baba was right there with us!  I experienced his visit (first hand as I empathically tuned into him) as he described it to me over the phone and it was, indeed, most blissful. 

Talking with him was like speaking with Baba himself and it rekindled my intense love for Sai Baba.  Since that phone call, I have been reliving in my memory all the times Baba has come to my aid and visited me in my meditations.  Did I ever tell you that I have a huge, almost life-size thick cardboard poster picture of Sai Baba in my home?  The peace that emanates from that image of Baba is amazing!  I always locate the picture in a prominent area in my home so that no matter who comes into the front door, they have to pass by Baba to receive His blessing! 


I told the young man from India that I was almost out of Vibhuti.  There was just a small collection of vibhuti remaining in the crease of a folded paper from which it was packaged.  (I did a reading for someone in India years ago and this man had no way to send US dollars in exchange and he asked if he could send me a gift from India.  You can guess what I asked for!  Vibhuti!)  I was so happy when it arrived! 

The day after my talk with the AT&T man in India (and Baba, who I am sure who spoke through him and said, “You never know if more would show up), I wanted to feel as close as I could to my Beloved Baba.  I went in my special box to find the small remaining vibhuti to put a little under my tongue.  I was amazed to see a miracle!  When I opened (so carefully opened!) the paper which was stored inside the bubble wrap that protected it on it’s original journey from India, I was astounded to see, as I unfolded the paper, IT WAS FILLED TO THE BRIM with the holy, sacred ash!  I nearly cried.  I was very touched and full of love and gratitude! 

If you would like to read more about Sai Baba, I am sure there are many websites about Him.  I don’t go on the websites, or at least haven’t in the past, for I have my own personal relationship with Baba, so there are none that I could recommend at this time. 


As you know, being psychic, I am very sensitive.  I sense energy and for the past 3 weeks have felt a certain shift or change in the pattern of energy that is permeating our energy fields.  For me, this has been not the easiest time.  This is probably because I still have more clean-up work to do.  (I love it when I am called upon to do a reading, because it takes me temporarily away from my own journey and elevates me!)  I am not certain why I bring up this topic, except that it may bring you some sense of unity to know that (in case you have felt a bit strange in the past few weeks), you are not alone!  My innate sense is that we are about to move forward with a great leap, as if we are getting a running start, by going backwards for just a brief moment of several weeks.  Look for some new and exciting things to happen in the next month or so!  It feels like any second now, things will break loose! 

Let me ask my Spirit Guides if they would like to address this, and they are saying, “Hold on to your hats!  You are about to soar!” 

I don’t know why this is so, but in order to locate my new website, it is important to put the www in front of the rest of the site name.  The new website is so ‘new’ that it is not on search engines yet, so typing in the exact address is necessary.  If it still doesn’t come up, try and type in the address and then use the link they bring up after you do the search.  Sigh!  All good things come with time!

I have some other stories and thoughts to share, but we can only do a little at a time here.  If you have any questions that you would like to submit for the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions page) that I am working on creating for the new website, please submit them.  Thank you to those of you who already have, but the more the merrier, so if there is a question about ‘psychic stuff’ that you are curious about, email me at [email protected].  I hope you will be able to see the few graphics in this email. 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about Sai Baba.  It was an honor and pleasure to introduce him to you!  Sai Ram!  Sai Ram!  Sai Ram!

ENJOY YOUR WEEK!!                                 

Blessings to All,
Joy Star
Psychic Medium      

Sai Baba