• ELF Waves   (extra low frequency waves & the importance of water)  

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Channeled through Joy Star

Today we speak to you about your own individual path.  And let us begin by defining the word path as we intend its meaning.  Journey-ing toward your own individual star is a way that we would have you visualize this exercise in communication.  Before each of you is a bright shining star and some of you see it clearly and for others it is a vague outline, not clearly perceived.  Yet we assure you that this point of light is the ultimate destination.  Before each of you on this journey toward your individual star, appearing from time-to-time, is what you may like to visualize as a dense forest of energy.  Each of you made an agreement as to which type of energy you would challenge yourself to move through in this lifetime. 
In this density it is possible to loose sight of the star, yet it is always there, shining brightly, awaiting your arrival.  We see so many of you keeping your faith as a companion through those temporary dense energies and it is with much pride, love and admiration that we accompany you to assist your movement toward your own individual star. 
Our message to you has always been and will always remain the same – you do not make this journey alone.  We, your Spirit Guides, are always with you and available to you.  Our message continues to be one of assurance that we are more than available for you to call upon. 
You are finding that the closer you come to your star, the less dense the forests of energy become and the quicker you are able to move through them.  We are your constant companions, always bringing our own light around you to help ease the loneliness you may feel from time-to-time as you move through particular periods of density. 
We would ask you to remember that each phase of the path that you may label as difficult, you have specifically chosen to place there. 

Many of you are trail blazers and as you move through the temporary dense phases you lessen that solidity for the traveler who follows you.  Yes!  Your path is individual and your own, yet we assure you that you have soul families and these relatives are also on their way to the same star as yours.  And it is these soul relatives that you assist as you blaze your trail.
You, each of you who are reading these words, have moved through a densely forested area of energy many times.  We would ask that you keep in mind that as you blaze your trail, you make the path clearer for a soul relative who is journeying behind you.  So, say to the Self that you are doing this for the good of others and this gives those moments when you may not clearly see your star much greater purpose. 
And we would speak to you now of drawing that star into your being into your total essence once you see it clearly, once you have moved through a temporary period of density. 
How is this done?  Through the breath – that’s how.  The very moment you see your star, draw it in by breathing deeply and making it part of you.
Let us speak to you now of what the star is – and putting this in human language will be a dialogue of interest for us, yet we will do our best to describe this in the best humanly terms that we can.  And as we give you the definition we will pull from your conscious thoughts.  Each of you describe the star a little differently; however soul families will define it in about the same way.  We will work through our channel now and repeat the human self-dialogue that best describe the feeling of knowing, seeing and feeling the star.

“I have arrived.  I want nothing more.  I am completely satisfied and now I can enjoy my interaction with others without concern for myself.”

“I know where I am going in this life – my goals will be achieved.  I know this because I realize I have achieved every goal I have set for myself thus far.  Meanwhile I am not anxious about timing and I will enjoy the process, knowing it is already fulfilled. 
I am at total peace.”
“My communication with my star is constant and loving and I feel totally supported and at peace.  I am engulfed by an unconditional, loving presence and that presence is me!”

“It is okay to play, to achieve, and to sometimes fail, to seek, to find and to be my Self.  Life is full of adventure and excitement.  I love learning new things and embracing new ideas and I watch it unfold like a flowering bush that is always in bloom.”

“I see God in everyone’s eyes and embrace that aspect, looking beyond human imperfection.  And I know that everything is unfolding in the right and perfect timing. 
I don’t need to judge or to rush – I trust, I laugh, and I see harmony in all aspects of earth – despite what may be on the surface.  I look deeper and rejoice because I see loving energy unfolding everywhere.”

And now we would ask you to fully breathe in those aspects of the star that resonate most with you.  Perhaps your human perception of your star is expressed a bit differently.  There are many other expressions, but you are given here the general idea.  Breathe each one of these into your heart and mind, and then add one of your very own once you feel the energy of your own star. 

We leave you now, but ask you once again to remember to call upon us.  Whisper to us if you cannot see your star and ask us and we will give you the light of your own star to bathe in. 
Any time you ask with a sincere and open heart, you will not be denied.  Peace and joy are only a whisper away – we hear every whisper and answer every call.  Surrender your fear and anger and ask to see your star and it shall be handed to you.  It is you who must hold it and keep it close to your heart. 
And you are doing it!  You are doing it!  You are doing it!

--End of Transmission

Wisdom and Understanding

Since Thine indelible image of perfection is in me, teach me to wipe away the superficial stains of ignorance and to know that Thou and I are, and always have been, one.
May all demoniac noisy thoughts take flight, that Thy silent song-whispers of guidance be audible to my forgetful soul.

I will behold wisdom in ignorance, joy in sorrow, health in weakness; for I know that God’s perfection is the only reality.

I am an immortal child of God, living for a little while in the caravanserai* of this body.  I am here to behold the tragedies and comedies of this changeable life with an attitude of unchangeable happiness.
(* A caravanserai, or inn where Oriental caravans rest on the journeys, here means a temporary stopping place on the soul’s journey through incarnations.)

Since God has given me all I need, I will know God first and then use God’s counsel to desire and to do only what God wills.

  • Being endowed with free choice, I am a son/daughter of God in reality.  I have been dreaming that I am a mortal.  I am now awake.  The dream that my soul is imprisoned in a bodily cage has vanished.  I am all that God is.

  • Each morning I will rouse the judge of my impartial introspection and ask it to try me before the tribunal of conscience.  I will direct the district attorney of discrimination to prosecute the rowdy errors that steal the peace within my soul.

  • I will build mansions of wisdom in the unfading garden of peace, resplendent with blossoms of beautiful soul-qualities.

  • I will strive to make myself and all others right with God, first and last.

  • God the transcendental Being, God the immanent Christ Consciousness, and God the holy creative Vibratory Force, grant me wisdom to know the truth!  And through my self-effort and knowledge of the law, let me climb the precious ladder of realization, to stand at last on the shining summit of attainment, face to face with the one Spirit.

  • Shell after shell of my yearning for Thee will break down the ramparts of delusion.  With missiles of wisdom and grim guns of determination I shall destroy the fortress of my ignorance.

  • Dear Father/Mother God, whatever conditions confront me, I know that they represent the next step in my unfoldment.  I will welcome all tests because I know that within me is the intelligence to understand and the power to overcome.

  • I am a prince of peace sitting on the throne of poise, directing the kingdom of activity.

  • Instead of being absentminded, I will use my leisure moments to think of Thee.

  • Divine Mother/Father God, this day I will make an effort to understand the great importance of wisely using my will power at all times.

  • I will attune myself to Thy wisdom-guided will to direct my habit-guided will.

  • I will cultivate calmness of mind, knowing God is ever with me.  I am Spirit!

(Note from Joy:  As you know, I allow Divine Mind to guide me to a page within the book.  With my eyes closed I open to a page in the book entitled Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahanda Yogananda.  The words above seem to jell very nicely with the Channeled Message from Spirit.  Use what you will of these two communications to assist you on your journey.)

As some of you know, I am taking a few more College courses again this semester.  Since the end of last semester, I was busy with a move; however I was, for the most part, home alone.  So what? You may be asking.

The reason I mention this is that I noticed a huge shift in my energy when I went back to school and began to sit in classrooms and mingle in crowds of people.  I felt this may be something that you could relate to also, and so this is why I am discussing it here. 

My observations may or may not have value for you; however, I thought it would be worth mentioning.  Many of you will notice this change -- the same as I did -- after a vacation or time away from a work setting.  Or even after a quiet weekend, when you return back to work, it can feel pretty awful. 

I am not being negative, but really want to share some important teachings with you and that is why I bring this forth at this time!

Specifically what I am talking about here is a sudden sense of unhappiness or sadness which was quite a departure from what was felt or experienced previously. Or sudden lethargy or headaches! 

Personally speaking, during the holiday semester break I did not interact with many people in the community.  I spent a lot of time in my own energy field, so-to-speak. 

The week I returned to school, I noticed an increased level of fatigue following classes and a definite sense of sadness came upon me.  Nothing else in my life changed, so I knew it had to do with being around other energy waves or patterns. 
In essence I was allowing myself to be pulled into a mass consciousness field of energy when I returned to school.

I asked the question of Divine Mind – or said another way, I “put it out there” as I wrote about in the last newsletter. 
Ask and you shall receive!
The next thing you know, I found myself sorting through my cassette tape collection – an exercise I had put off for eons!  One particular tape had no markings on it; therefore I had to listen to the tape in order to be able to label it. 

The tape was a channeled session from the Spiritual Growth Foundation in Asheville, North Carolina.  It was a recording of someone who was channeling and entity from the Pleiades star system.  This entity called himself Zacharia.  The title for the tape, I soon learned, was ALCHEMY.  Most importantly, however, it offered a thorough and complete answer to my question – an explanation for why my energy was low. 

I would now like to share some wisdom from this tape about energy frequencies and vibrations for your discernment.  Perhaps it will help you remember, as it helped me remember, a little bit about Alchemy.  You know what alchemy is, right?  Changing lead to gold; but we can change gold to lead too if we are not working with energy correctly. 

Here is a little of the wisdom from the tape – its bits and pieces, so you will use your wisdom, remembrance and discernment to tie it all together.  I do hope you will go over this – it has taken literally hours for me to transcribe this from an audio tape for your benefit.  Please, please, if you feel this is of value, DO pass this around to others!

(Note:  reference to the word sovereign in the following transcription means self-governing, ruler or independent.  
To be sovereign is to govern one’s self!)
by Zachariah of the Pleiades
Recorded at The Spiritual Growth Foundation
Asheville, North Carolina
transcribed by Joy

  • The principle of Alchemy on the material plane comes    from that which is of less value and turning it into that which is of higher value
  • The times of the Spiritual Alchemist are upon us.  Sananda (Jesus), St. Germain, all Spiritual Masters have all worked with alchemy.
  • You are performing and practicing alchemy but may not be aware of it.
  • Consciousness and energy create reality whether you believe it in or not.
  • One creates alchemical reactions in life that are sometimes not preferred i.e. gold into lead.
  • A good place to start is the discussion of progressive energy pushings of the universe – on cosmic levels.  The great infusion of great amounts of energy.  You choose in which way the energy will be used.
  • Great amounts of energy are experienced on all planets, not just earth.
  • Solar flares are part of an influx of energy on the sun, for example.
  • Lethargy, great deal of personal energy, ringing in the ears, blurry vision, trembling of extremities with intention that are sporadic, headaches, GI tract problems, skin eruptions….itching with no rash are all symptoms being seeded with large influxes of energy.
  • These (above) are all  reactions of the physical bodies on molecular and cellular levels in response to great influx of vibration frequencies.
  • The body cells work in the Law of Resonance….meaning two things eventually synchronize.
  • Large influxes of energy also sometimes cause changes in politics and geophysical elements.
  • Every cell in the body holds consciousness
  • Beyond that, every cell in your physical body is omniscient…it knows all…for it is created from the One Cause…the One Primal Cause. 
  • One cell from a body can clone an entire body.
  • What occurs with large influxes of energy, as much as your consciousness allows it (not only your known conscious but also your cell memory of what you want to create and expand in this lifetime) awakens the soul memory which is imbedded in the cell memory
  • Each cell holds within it all memory of all of your soul’s journeys to any dimension that exists
  • This is the hologram concept of life
  • As the influxes of energy occurs … it is necessary to drink more water because the water infuses into the cells and allows them to have greater pliability.
  • Given that each of these cells has soul memory and has the potential to Christ the consciousness of the body in unison – the limit of alchemy and transmutation of the physical body IS to GO INTO LIGHT. 
  • To transmute the physical body into light is to vibrate to the point that goes beyond the density within this plane.
  • Each cell in the body has the capacity….when cosmic energy occurs at great bursts (when a transfusion of light is comes within the body).  This is much like a blood transfusion.  One who has a blood transfusion has to deal with additional cell memory.  Sometimes organ rejection has to do with dysfunctional harmony between soul memories of the organs.  But that is getting off the point. 
  • But regarding transfusions of light in great proportion, you have previously acclimated your vehicle body to vibrate at a certain frequency.  Then that light increases with the influx of light coming onto the planet at certain times.
  • The cells that are able to deal with light--they drink it in.  If the cells are not able to deal with it…sometimes there is a bursting of energy within the body.  Medical science cannot seem to explain some body problems and this is why.   The light bursts thru the cells.  The higher vibrations cause one to alchemicalize their cell structure and this is what enables one to see through the veils and have spiritual experiences.
  • Transfusion has to do with light being transferred and fused. The cells strive for and yearn for light.   When cells are not supplied with enough light that is when death occurs.  The body adapts the vibration frequency that fits the soul plan for what the body is to do at that time.
  • Sleepiness or drowsiness in the body happens because there is like what is a surgery within going on within the body.  The cells are feeding with the light….and the body shuts down (fatigue) for this to occur.
  • Depending on the vibrational frequency one is at…it will determine how one responds to an influx of light and how one will acclimate to it.
  • If one is already at the vibration frequency that the highest on the planet are holding, the large propulsion of light that comes causes less of an adjustment to occur. 
  • Again, depending on how the cells absorb, one can be either become too energized or too sleepy.  Each body is different in its response – one is not better than the other.
  • This is alchemy on a cellular level. 
  • When a cell is looked at under a microscope, there will be viewed by scientists’ great cellular biology changes.
  • If you have looked in a microscope the cells look like things within a bubble.
  • What the scientist are seeing under the microscope is merely the auric shield of the cell.   It is in 2 dimensions.  Like reading a newspaper
  • When scientists can develop technology and turn it on its side they will then see that each cell is pyramidal for they hold the light within…the pyramid…the light within.
  • It is light that keeps us on this plane.
  • Tetrahedrons….pyramidal structures…..have dimensions…each cell has a dimension
  • Each cell in the body has very minute threads, stringlets, strands that run through the pyramidal shape in the cells….they call these chromosomes. 
  • Chromosomes ….there are billions permeating thru each cell of the body
  • These threads are coding systems which represents TONE AL frequencies…..which come out as color....variations of colors. 
  • There are tones to describe all symbols that one has in soul memory.
  • There are billions of threads in each cell.
  • The soul memory of all things  within that cell is ALL THAT IS…which resides in these stringlets
  • When you invoke a prayer to be all you can be….you are setting these soul memories into activation…it is an alchemical reaction. 
  • You are always, always creating and always remembering… what you already know…from the cell memories
  • The cell is an entity all knowing within itself.  Healers work with this concept. 
  • Eventually surgery and transplantations will not be necessary ultimately.
  • The heart string can be isolated…..from one cell and be injected into the heart to repair it.
  • In Atlantis ancient Egypt in similar ways this was done with crystals and lasers.
  • Molecular biologists and quantum physics are learning about this.
  • Masters who have taught on this plane have taught what you see is only what it seems to be, not what it really is.
  • There are conscious ways in which you can practice spiritual alchemy on your spiritual path
  • The cell information has been given as one example of alchemy.
  • As the body elevates itself in vibration frequency, the core body temperature will increase.  Rapid, rapid heating.
  • As you read this the cells of your body are opening up to gap in more light.  Are you now feeling warmer?
  • Sometimes you are plugged for 1000 and you are around a frequency of 500. 

  •   We will now discuss ways that you can adjust and maintain that vibration which you are used to being at and which you have elevated yourself to.
  • You will know when you are in a realm where there is either higher or lower vibration
  • Lower vibration feels quite uncomfortable.  There will be less light…the cells respond…they close down….it does not feel very good
  • Trains, airplanes, in crowds of any kind, sitting in a certain seat of an airplane, grocery store, hotel room beds, low vibration situations at places of employment—in these places, can you remember feeling more uplifted? Or less? Usually you feel more tired, maybe have a headache.  What happens is that you planted self in a vibration and you accommodated to the vibration that was left there. 
  • Any sovereign master who functions in physical density will modulate themselves with vibrations
  • You are entitled to maintain your vibration at the vibratory level that you desire.
  • You may put some limits on where your voltage will go.
  • We will discuss practical ways to do this.  But first we will speak about the vibrations of fear that run rampant and the vibrations of mass consciousness. 
  • If you are shining brightly….plug into the television…your vibration will decrease.  Do you notice this? 
  • Now we will talk about the ELF waves (ELF = Extra Low Frequency).  There is no need to fear ELF waves.  You can be sovereign over any energy, including ELF waves. 
  • These ELF waves – some say that these waves are put out intentionally by those who want to control the masses
  • But by principle of alchemy….you take sovereign control …by deciding what you will allow in your space
  • Have the understanding that in mass consciousness, there is a great deal of implementation over control…..religion, structured society, education, government.
  • But when one is light-filled one is not able to react well to the disparity of ELF waves.
  • Those in power try to keep everything lower….. Television…subliminally coding… keep you hypnotized…keep you feeling, “I have no energy”, “I don’t want to do anything”, “I am a failure”, etc.
  • On the other hand, the music of the 60s’ brought about a freeing liberating energy….it burst forth creative light into the cells.  Love, peace, flower power and so forth.

  • What you feed into you system…when you are alchemists… you become aware of what goes into your system. 
  • Be the way, these tapes and any of the tapes that are channeled have magnetic resonance and a high vibration.
  • In spite of any controls, ELF waves or subliminal programming, you can be sovereign alchemists to create the frequency you desire to experience.
  • Those who do not expand into light…..who choose not to work with light will be grabbing harder onto control and darkness. 
  • By the way, elevator music and music in the dental offices is highly coded…..notice your reaction to the music that you hear.
  • Ask yourself if the music you are listing to is below or above your vibrational level.
  • One of the prime, prime ways to get a grip at your vibration and keep it at the frequency that you desire is through the breath.  It has always been this way on this plane. 
  • Breathe through your nose…..not the mouth.
  • There are varying degrees of controlled breath – there are many techniques
  • Your breath is your key to your thermostat and to your light frequency level.
  • Anytime and anyplace at your own will…take a breath, hold it…..breathe  in for 4 counts, hold the breath gently for 4 counts,  but exhale for longer than 4  counts.  Exhale for 6or 8 counts.  Pause and ride the light between the breaths by holding before breathing in the next breath.  (more on this below).
  • When you are among extra low frequencies, you will notice that you will slow the breath and almost stop breathing…..when people are fearful they hold the breath.
  • Breathing will heat up the body and open the cells for an infusion of light
  • Be sovereign!  Own your vibration!  And if you don’t lower your vibration….you are ultimately raising everyone else’s not just your own.  
  • Radiate the light out!
  • Breathe with the belly.  When you take a deep inhalation, pooch out the belly, extend it.  Put your hand on your tummy and be sure you are expanding it as you breathe in.
  • When you exhale push the air out….and then pause before the next breath.
  • If you have sunk to a lower vibe…3 good breaths will normalize you to your level.
  • Breathe through the nose.  This ignites the pathway to the hormone systems within the brain.  The pineal glad is triggered through the breath that comes in through the nostrils.  This pathway to the brain does not evoke when breathing through the mouth.
  • Combustion occurs in the cell with the breath.
  • Oxygenation keeps vibrations at your level and higher
  • Be conscious of what you take in and what you don’t take into the body….water! Water is oxygenating.  Cells are built of fluid…..there is more oxygen ability to absorb light when there is more water in the cell. The water translates into the light.  Oxygenating foods help also…green leafy foods.  However you can be sovereign and oxygenate a candy bar if you want to.  That is ultimate alchemy -- taking in water, food and oxygen and translating it into light
  • Be conscious of what you put into the body physical….as an alchemist you should grace the food….giving it permission to go exactly where it needs to go and do exactly what it needs to do…so bless the food…give grace to the food.
  • Always have the consciousness of the Christ when you intake anything into the body. 
  • You may wish to say that all of the food be utilized by all of the bodies…the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and all body systems.  So include all of your bodies.
  • One final thing, when all else fails or when all else does not fail.   One word that will always bring you into frequency is the word of God. 
  • Say, “God, align my cells to the most uplifted vibration to which you are within my body”.  Or just think intently the word “God” and you will bring yourself up.  The word “God” said with emotion….felt deeply …said with intention…silently or aloud will always quickly raise your vibration energy.
  • The word God is uplifting.

  • More on the breathing. On the breath….hold between each breath….pushing out at the end more….this helps the system asks for a deeper breath, and more light. 
  • Take the space between inhale and exhale… will find interesting occurrences at that time.  Ride the light….the time when you are holding it …not breathing, not exhaling.  At this  time, each cell opens…the threads stretch…and excites seeking the next influx of light.
  • Controlled breathing will keep you a practicing alchemist and will keep you from going willy-nilly with every vibration that comes around you.
  • Don’t worry if you get very hot with the breathing.  The heat is that the body saying everything is vibrating faster….but you will not spontaneously combust! (laughing).  Take a break if you need it…that will cool down the system. 
  • And don’t worry about becoming EN-Lightened-headed.  Just ride the light…it’s just the sense of the cells opening in readiness to receive more light
  • Be loving and gentle with yourself.  Don’t forget to breathe when you are watching television!
  • Keep your voltage…your frequency at level …despite variations….when you do this….easily…that is when you skip to higher levels of light accommodation.
  • Be very aware that you do not judge lower frequencies…..just take control of your own vibrations.
  • In relationships with others who are at lower levels, it is up to you to gauge and elevate your own level. 
  • Use care not to project judgments, for that will lower your own level… and it will come back to you.
  • The masters, regardless of air pollution, create their own shield….that is alchemy.
  • You have the ability to turn anything into gold! 
  • Learn to clear with the breath, through your intention, and you do it once and then you hold it through your intention. 
  • You do all things with intent.  Don’t be unconscious!

---End of Transmission

Well then!  That about answers the question,
don’t you think? 
Have you asked why you may be feeling lethargic lately? 
If that doesn’t answer the question about it – I don’t know what will!  Pretty thorough, don’t you think. 
In summary then, it seems we can feel changes resulting in lethargy when we are receiving either lots of light that we are not accommodated to yet OR when we are around extra low frequencies.  Once you are aware of where your have been when these changes in energies occur, you should now be able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out how to handle it. 

Did the universe answer my question abundantly or what?

One final note, when I did the breathing, chanted the name of God telepathically between classes and held my intention (stayed conscious), I came home from school feeling wonderful instead of drained and weirded-out.  :) 

Oh, and you would say that someone like me should have known all this and have known better!  Well, this is so true, but it caught me so off guard!  And this may happen to you too.  Yes, I knew all this stuff, but guess I fell asleep – it happens to the best of us.  Never let it be said that Joy isn’t human!  :)   Sometimes the drama of day to day activities distracts us. 

Remember always, a good rule of thumb is -- what you put your attention on is what expands!  Think Light!

This has been a longer newsletter than I imagined as I began this early today!  Spirit!  Help me make up this time quickly please!

I offer this to you in love and hope you will pass this around to others.  I truly believe it is useful information or I would not have spent my day typing it all out for you.  

Blessings to All
In Service to Spirit World
And my Brothers and Sisters on Earth,
Joy Star
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