Pretty Realistic – the TV show, MEDIUM.   Information that is received  from other dimensions is often wispy and usually comes in flashes just the way it is depicted on this TV show.  Other times the medium portrayed on this show seems to know without receiving data through an image or without a spirit speaking to her.  That is called claircognition.  Its one of those feelings that we all get that reads something like, "I know, but I don't know how I know."  

All in all, I'd say that compared to my own personal experiences as a psychic medium, the TV show, MEDIUM is pretty authentic.  In general I like the show  because it seems to portray what an UN-EXACTING science psychic work truly is. The doubt that the medium, herself, experiences about her work seems true to life as well.  Faith plays a major role in matters of this nature. 

Just like in field of work, specialists in the category of psychic work seem to emerge. A psychic is not always a medium, yet a medium is always psychic. It may sound like semantics but a psychic cannot necessarily access the realms of communication with spirits on the other side.  Some psychics just read the energy around the person, as in mind reading, and only feed back what the person already knows.  There are higher levels to consciousness which are more beneficial. Yet, getting back to the subject,  psychic detective work is a specific area of expertise in the psychic  profession.  Notably through the medium being portrayed on the TV show,  through her previous education in preparation for her criminal law career, Spirit   groomed her specifically for criminal detective work. 

Personally, I have not been asked to find missing people in my work.  However, I've been asked to find almost anything and everything else that is missing, such as objects or pets. And I have been consulted for almost every problem under the sun; yet criminal psychic detective work has not come to me by request.  I know there is for good reason for this.  I believe Spirit uses our life experiences and training to the greatest advantage.  The Divine knows our interests, preferences and how we can best serve our fellow man. 

I think it takes a special 'psychic constitution' to be able to connect with murderers or criminals, to swim around in their energy, and  to come away unaffected.  I don't mean to say that psychic's who work in the field of the criminal detective cases are unaffected.  The TV Show portrays that the medim is dramatically affected by her work.  But I do think, just like in any profession, some may have the ability to get in and out of the criminal mind and criminal scene without it affecting them as harshly as it would affect others.  Obviously, if you watch the show you see that her work does haunt her to some degree, yet the medium is portrayed as having a special interest in serving in this capacity. 

My hat is off to psychic criminal detectives and my hope is that they will be utilized more in the future.    Imagine how many people's consciousness they affect in just one criminal case!  The family, the police officers involved and others who know about the psychic influence in solving the crime--imagine how it  open their minds!   Unfortunately, however, I think it is true that many times the psychic plays a low profile role in criminal cases, just as the TV show MEDIUM portrays; however, "Times--they are 'a changin'!"

MEDIUM is on in my area 10 PM Eastern Monday nights; check your local listings.   Again,  I am  not exactly the kind of medium that she is;  but I do receive information many times the way the show portrays that she does.

Therefore,  with only a few exceptions, I give the TV show MEDIUM high points for presentation and authenticity. 

In my own work as a medium, I do have a sense of my client's family member or friend whom they wish to contact often "hanging out" with me prior to the reading appointment time, but hardly ever do they intrude into my bedroom or in my dreams.  However, they have, for the purposes of making a validating connection with their loved one on Earth, manipulated my TV set to go off and on, only to show me that this is how they communicate with their loved one.  They seem to program me with an experience prior to readings, sometimes, in order for me to draw from that experience for the purpose of validating an event in my client's life.  And sometimes the night-before the reading or the morning-of the session they come to me with some information.  Otherwise, I don't experience any haunting invasion of my privacy. 

Actually they are very polite for the most part and they come through when they are asked to.  So in that way, my experience as a medium is different.   

Regardless, I generally like the way the medium’s dreams on the show are portrayed.  True to form, her dreams are not always able to be translated literally.  Like all dreams, they are often times symbolic and give hints and clues regarding what is going on in one's life.  And in most all the episodes that I've watched, the medium is initially confused by them, just as we all are sometimes a bit miffed by our own dreams. 

Working with the police department as she does, combined with her previous criminal law education, the viewer assumes she would not be faint at heart and true to the story line she appears not to be.  Yet, she is portrayed as living an otherwise normal life as the mother of three small children and a very supportive and understanding husband. 

Yet the husband's role in last night’s episode was interesting. He pressured her not to reveal her identity under legal pressure in a court of law.   This episode and others like it in this series present the familiar dilemma of  a psychic's life in general.  Unfortunately, society has not yet accepted the work of a psychic as genuine and valuable.  Hopefully, this TV show will help change the image of a psychic in the public eye.

Personally, I can fully relate to the issue around the hesitation and confusion that the medium in the TV show experiences with regard to divulging  her true identity.   The average
man-on-the-street is still not only skeptical, but well-meaning religious figures have labored to make the word psychic synonymous with the devil or evil. Unfortunately, this keeps people away from a beneficial and divine experience with higher levels of mind from which much good comes to assist them in their lives.

In the episode I am currently discussing here, the issue of public ridicule was addressed if the information about her true  work became known to the community.   Her husband asked her to think about how she would be putting his job and the lives of their children up to that same ridicule. 

Oh, how I know that feeling!  While there are no small children in  my life, nor a husband—the ridicule around my own life in the small, heavily Baptist laden community where I live would  leave me subjected to that same jeopardy.  The awareness that the show brings to this issue is one that I am very pleased to see brought to light. 

Generally, these days, many issues of a socially ‘secret’ nature on a global level are now being brought to light. This is encouraging.   Oh, how I long for a time when I can talk about who I am and what I do without the concern of reprisal or ridicule in any way.  That time is coming and shows like  Medium are assisting in this process.

I am thankful for TV shows that help to create awareness of the valid and valuable work of psychics and mediums.  The work that psychic mediums like John Edwards (Crossing Over TV show) as well as other shows now gaining in popularity, do  assist in demystifying and de-evil-izing (I just made that word up!) the work of mediums and psychics.  It is really great to see. 

In sociology courses I learned that people fear the unknown and also fear what authority figures tell them to fear. The more that people are educated by TV shows of this nature, the less persecution and ridicule there will be for folks like me.  More importantly, as minds are less fearful and more open to the possibility of telepathic communication first and then connection to higher levels of consciousness later, the sooner we can be fully functioning and more spiritual human beings.

In last week’s episode she helped a small child cross over—that was a very good portrayal of how its done.  I have done the same thing numerous times in my life; and this is a side of being a medium that is rarely known.  I was very happy to see how it was portrayed—nicely done.

Back to last night’s show now.  She herself went to psychic seeking information for her own life.  I liked the way that scene was handled too.  The information she was given was accurate, but it took some time to be fully understood.  This is so often how it works!  As the story unfolded, the viewer could understand why she was only given part of the information.  The psychic that the medium, herself, went to visit gave only partial information and then told her, “That is all I am seeing” or being shown.  That too is often the way it is— the reason that Spirit gives us information to certain limit is often because the person needs to learn the rest from experience.

In the TV show Medium,  not even all of her own visions are understood at the time she has them—and this, too, is often how it is.  In life we are given just the right amount of information at just the right time to assist us without interfering with what we came to learn—faith and trust. 

I really enjoy this show and hope that it catches on and develops a following of viewers and gains in popularity.  I believe that it fairly accurately portrays psychic visions and concepts.  The help she is receiving from the other side never abandons her and you get the sense that she has quite a team of spirit guides assisting her. 

I loved how she honestly admits that she does not know how she receives the information that she gets and the way she instructs that her visions are sometimes literal and other times only symbolic—and she is never certain which it is.  This also seems to me to be true to my own experience.   Contrary to other professions; the psychic occupation is not based on an exact science.

The only thing I find different from the TV show Medium as well as movies such as The Sixth Sense as compared to my own experience is that those who have crossed over do not seek to point fingers at those who assisted them in their crossing.  When I speak to a soul who has crossed over, they always share that their crossing was intune with divine order.

While I have not been involved with murder cases like the Medium portrays, I have spoken to departed souls who respond to a family member here on Earth.  These family members sometimes question the cause of their death.  They always respond in kindly ways, indicating that it was their time and there is never any blame cast. 

In fact, it is more like gratitude that they express and always they encourage their family members to release concerns around the method of their passing.  I feel their emotions as I connect with their energy and so I am able to gain their first hand perspective about this.  They will, however, confirm how they crossed and give validating details surrounding their departure, but they always seem to discourage reprisal in any fashion.  At least that has been my experience, thus far.  Yet, criminal detective work is not necessarily a large part of my psychic resume.  While I often speak the departed family members and friends of my client, I have not been called upon to aid in criminal cases.

As you may know the show is based on a book written by a real life medium from Arizona, Allison Dubois.  I have included a press release about the show below.  I offer thanks and praise to NBC for making Medium a TV series and also to Allison Dubois for her work and to actress Patricia Arquette for her portrayal of Allison . 

I hope the NBC TV show Medium has a long life and I also hope that it may it encourage other shows of this same nature to take form.  My belief is that the more the general public is educated about an afterlife, the more that true spirituality will grow and blossom in humanity.  As it is said, "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come!

I love that psychics and mediums are coming out of the closet and that the public’s acceptance of phenomenon from the other side is slowly finding a place in mind's of the general public.

Maybe someday, thanks to these kinds of TV shows, I will be able to hold my head high, look people directly in the eye, and without hesitation, declare who I am and what I do. 

Well, these are just a few thoughts that formed after watching last night’s episode.  I look forward to next Monday night's Medium

I have included BELOW a press release about the show that I found on a Google search. 

God Bless,
Joy Star


'Medium': A rare psychic, well done

Patricia Arquette plays real-life woman in new series

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- In 1987's "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors," Patricia Arquette played someone with psychic powers. Now, she'll do it on a weekly basis.

In "Medium," which premieres 10 p.m. EST Monday on NBC, Arquette plays Allison Dubois, a real-life Arizona woman known for her apparent ability to communicate with dead people.

Married to an aerospace engineer and the mother of three, Dubois was studying law when she discovered her psychic abilities could provide research in solving murders and missing-person cases.

Arquette says she asked many questions of Dubois to try to fully grasp the mystery of her powers, learning the information "doesn't come to her in a linear fashion ... you are just getting snippets of images of something in the future and something in the past ... That is part of what the show's episodes are about -- her trying to piece together the whole picture and figure out, 'What does this really mean?' "

Easier to grasp was Dubois' family life.

"She has a funny relationship with her husband (played by Jake Weber)," Arquette explained. "They are flirty and funny together -- they kind of mess with each other and enjoy each other's funkiness and sense of humor. They are good friends and great partners."

Arquette did change one aspect of Dubois' character: "She seems very self-confident. I wanted my Allison to be a little more affected by the judgments she makes."

She reasons this will provide viewers with more insight because some people "still feel like it's evil and devil work or whatever, so you want to be as open as you can, so people can empathize with you and feel like they can come along with you on this journey."

Executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron, whose previous credits include the romantic private-eye series "Moonlighting" and the inventive sci-fi series "Now and Again," says he's less interested in capturing "the extraordinary part" of Dubois' life than "the ordinary part of it."

He says the show probably skews 60-40 in favor of "how to be a functional human being when you realize your perception of reality is different from everyone else's."

A family of performers

But this is mainstream television, so there will, of course, be crime-solving action each week.

Caron believes Arquette is perfect for the version of Dubois he has created, whose "incredible intuitive powers lie in her incredible lack of vanity. You have the sense this is a person who doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time looking in the mirror, because so much of her energy goes outward, and that's something you instantly feel with Patricia. She's not a vain person at all."

Arquette won a CableACE award playing an epileptic girl in the 1991 TV movie "Wildflower," directed by Diane Keaton, but this is her first starring role in a network series.

Now 36, she continues to carry on a family legacy. Grandfather Cliff Arquette (best known as Charlie Weaver) and father Lewis were both actors. Siblings Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and David all act.

Born in Chicago, she was 18 when she gave herself a year to find work in movies.

"I was really shy and one of the hardest things to deal with in acting is rejection," she recalled. "So I had to create a way for myself to get rejected all the time and yet feel all right about it. So I told myself I was going to try hard every day for a year, even if I fell flat on my face each day."

She made it, of course, starring in an eclectic variety of films for innovative directors such as Tim Burton in "Ed Wood," David Lynch in "Lost Highway," Sean Penn in "The Indian Runner" and John Madden in "Ethan Frome."

Formerly married to Nicolas Cage, Arquette is engaged to actor Thomas Jane, and they have a daughter, Harlow, who will be 2 in February. She also has a 16-year-old son, Enzo, from her relationship with musician Paul Rossi.

And, no, she can't see into the future.

Actress Arquette's joke is: "I'm not psychic. I dreamed John Kerry won the election!"

Commentary About the Show

by Psychic Medium, Joy Star

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