You were correct about my second chakra being blocked. You have provided much clarity with regard to my true purpose. What can I say here but the quality of your work speaks for itself.

I've listened to the tape twice now and parts of it more. It seemed very clear from the start that my paternal grandfather came through mentioning two rings on my finger. One is the diamond engagement ring given to my grandmother by my grandfather on their 50th anniversary. He gave this ring to me and I do have two rings on my finger now. This let's me know he is aware of the wedding. There is no way you would have known that - if I happen to be a disbeliever! You blew me away!

...the part about the man smoking the cigar - that was my uncle. He died when I was very young, like you said. Yes! He did blow smoke rings for me and used to tell me that I was the 'apple of his eye'! The reading gave me a great deal of comfort and provided answers in many other areas. When you described my uncle, I was overcome with emotion. In fact, I have tears in my eyes now.

The reading was truly comforting because I was able to connect with what the spirit world revealed through you and I thank you again. Side 2 of the tape was the wake up call that I needed.

Thank you so much for the reading. I needed some insights into issues and you gave me plenty of very useful information. I have to tell you that it all rings of truth - totally accurate. You have been extremely helpful. I can't thank you enough. What a blessing you are in my life.

I really enjoy speaking with you. Your accuracy is dead-on and you were able to pick up on things that I did confirm during the phone call, you are truly gifted; Thanks!
Mike2274  03/13/01

This is a kind and caring psychic who is willing to go the extra mile for those who call her. Full of integrity. I'd recommend her
Drepanda   12/15/00

She was enlightening - and on target all the way. I felt so calm and peaceful after the reading. Her spirit guides reached mine and gave me incredibly accurate insight and information that she could not have known.
Heltrim  12/18/00

Thank you for your insight. I have always felt like I was a healer or should help others. Also for showing me Dareck so I do not make another mistake. I will use you again. You were very helpful to me and reassuring to my future.
Sweet Ivory 29   1/10/01

Excellent reading from a kind and caring psychic. She told me all the information - I didn't have to tell her. Soon to be a front page reader.
Little Falcon  3/16/01

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