Psychic Commentary
by Psychic Medium Joy Star
It’s a Wonderful Life
(written Christmas time 2004)

This evening I settled down after a full day's work to watch a classic film, It's a Wonderful Life.  What about that angel Clarence and 'every time a bell rings, an angel get it's wings'?  I have always been enchanted by that movie.  It really makes you think about life and the role we play for others. 
Applied to your own life, what would have changed if you hadn't made the particular decisions that you have?  Do you think your own Clarence has been with you to help influence your awareness and decisions? 
I wonder if we have helped any of our own angles earn their wings? 

My spirit guides (some of them angels) have told me that when we call upon them, and they can be of service, that they advance spiritually.  Remember in the movie?  Mr. Bailey was being watched over from childhood, but it wasn't until he called out to God for help that Clarence showed up.  That is another thing I am constantly told--we have to 'ask' putting our will into play by doing so.  And then our guides and angels respond.  We don't always recognize it as clearly as Bailey did in the movie, but nonetheless they do respond.

The part that always grabs me about the movie is the scene involving his children.  The decisions he made in life, especially the decision involving marriage and children, called them into existence.  Being a mother of three, myself, I can relate to that particular scene.  I am sure you have seen the movie and know what I mean. 

I got to thinking about past and future, but especially future.  The decisions we have made in the past brought us to this place now, and future decisions expose many possibilities.  When I do readings and answer questions about future, I see varied possibilities and probabilities in choices.  I am able to read the energy of the most likely probability since it presents itself to me as the one with the most energy around it. 

Have you ever wondered how life would have unfolded if you had made different choices?  You can find that out for yourself.  Try that in a meditation sometime.  I have done that a few times, but not often.  Basically, I want to believe that the choices that I made were the ones I should have made.  Anything else seems to lack faith in the divine order of things.  I will say that when I went back to see where other choices may have led me, what I saw was not as favorable as the choice that I ultimately did make. 

I think we each have a Clarence who helps us see the correct choices, but you will note that even in the move It's a Wonderful Life, Clarence only guides Mr. Bailey into realizing things himself.  I think that's what a good Angel or Spirit Guide does. 

The greatest message of the movie is to find meaning in one's life by knowing you have affected others in a positive way.  Just like Mr. Bailey in the movie, sometimes we think we should be living a different life, but if we are true to our own motives, keeping true to our highest ideals, there has to be a happy ending--don't you think?
Sometime ponder, as I will probably do as I fall asleep tonight, what choices you may have made or what things you have done that ultimately affected others in a positive way.  Oh, for me, I don't know that I will come up with anything so great as Mr. Bailey in the movie, but I have lived, so far, a life of integrity as best I could, being of service as best I could.  As the nuns in Catholic school taught me, No matter what you do, if it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing the best way you can.   That is something that has always stuck with me. 

One fine day I seemed to suddenly understand that the thing we are doing here is to be of service to one another.  Maybe my very own Clarence finally got the message through to me on that particular day.  I further understood that we can make a large impact in the lives of others, with just a smile given at the right moment.  So often, Spirit Guides are thanking those who come to me for a message for the kindness that they have extended to another.  This seems to be one of the things they mention the most, so it must have a great impact from their point of view.

I don't think its ego that makes any of us grin wide in our soul when someone thanks us for having assisted them.  We seem to recognize that this is an important goodness that we have expressed and it warms the heart, making the soul beam with golden light.  While we may tend to minimize the gratitude of others by saying oh it was nothing, on the inside we know we have just fulfilled our purpose.

Do unto others, it is said, and when we do, we do onto ourselves actually, for we are one.  I am certain the angels inspired the movie It's a Wonderful Life.  I am one who believes that when you clap your hands, you bring a fairy back to life, and when a bell rings an angel gets its wings and heck, I even believe in Santa Claus.  The spirit of St. Nicholas and the Angles is very substantial this time of year, entering each of our hearts if we just keep them open. 

Well, the fire is going down so I will end this instead of putting on another log.  I will ponder the message of the movie as I tuck myself in to bed now.  Thanks for listening and if you have a chance to catch that movie this season, it’s a wonderful classic. 

Of course, I love A Christmas Carol too--Scrooge and the Grinch, any story like that about opening the heart are particular favorites of mine. 

As my cat crawls on my lap, I wonder how her life would have ended up had I not adopted her from the Humane Society.  She seems to know my thoughts as she looks right at me.  I feel her gratitude and happiness to be part of my life.  I am grateful to be part of hers too.
Goodnight dear friends.
Its a Wonderful Life,
(written Thanksgiving time  2004)

Thoughts of yesterday’s two turkey TV dinners and a can of cranberries accompanied me today as I walked along the creek.  At least I didn’t OD on pumpkin pie like I usually would.  It was a quiet Thanksgiving but today I remember how thankful I am that my body is healthy.  Summer’s freak accident that produced a minor foot injury is healed and I’m grateful to be able to walk a brisk pace.  I prepare to listen to my abundance tape as I look at the clear blue sky thinking how it snowed yesterday morning.  Isn’t amazing the difference a day makes?  I’m disappointed that my walkman headset doesn’t work but I wear it anyway.  It keeps my head a little warm; besides who would know that no sound interferes with my thoughts.  It gives me a chance to talk to God while walking off yesterday’s mashed potatoes and stuffing.  God seems to have other plans which don’t include prosperity affirmations.  I chuckle to myself as I remember the phrase that goes ‘If you want to make God really laugh, tell Him your plans!’

Maybe God is getting tired of hearing me talk about money.  Come to think of it, I’m getting tired of it too.  Since the walkman doesn’t work, I take it as a hint that God wants to talk about something else.  I proceed now the path and notice something’s different.  I haven’t walked here since the first frost and I notice the landscape has changed.  The lovely hosta plants that beautified the walkway now look like crooked coat hangers sticking out the ground.  The wet and decaying leaves beneath the wires give proof of the plants past bounty.  I know it is only temporary and that they will come back just as pretty in the spring.  Will I?  I think about walking every single day until the first day of spring to be as beautiful as the tulips and iris.  My attention turns back to God once my eyes become accustomed to the change in the land. 

I personify God in the male form in my conversations.  Funny.  When I formally pray, I am more likely to say Father Mother God.  I suppose it’s a personal preference but for me I like to think of a loving Father since I miss my earthly father.  Besides I was brought up Catholic.  I can't help it.  Some things stick.

I keep walking.
God, are you there, I say.  And he answers that he is.  I am not surprised in the least for never has he failed to answer when I call.  Patient as ever he talks to me about his Presence.  I play this game of doubt with him and ask him where he is and tell him that I wonder what he looks like--what he really looks like.

He tells me to look at the rocks and the trees for that is how he looks.  He also says to look in the eyes of others and I will find Him there too.  I always find this game a pleasant one.  My questions are as varied as His answers.  As I walk along we talk about how I have started many books but never finished.  I seem to understand that I have to be inspired to write and that short stories are perhaps more my forte.  We talk about writing short stories instead when I ask the same question, what am I supposed to write about?  Each time I ask, I receive a different inspiration. 

This time is no different. The reply comes.  I am told to write about my association with him, God.  This gives me pause and I wonder exactly what that is supposed to mean.  The response comes and I find myself stopping my strides and looking at the tree on the right of the path.  I study it and try to understand my association with it after a profound but instant sense that I am associated with everything and everyone.  I knew this kind of glimpse into oneness would be hard to explain in type.  I will try.  The sense of love and unity with family that one may feel at a death or birth is expanded to include all families of earth in an instant, leaving one feeling moved to the point of awe.  It’s not an unfamiliar feeling, but unfortunately one that does not last indefinitely.  Our sense of separation on this plane, I suppose, is a necessary one in order for us to function as humans.  However that feeling leaves me with the memory of what it is like to be home.  Not my earthly dwelling but my heavenly one.  I ponder that mystery a moment and then begin to concentrate on the tree.  I study it.  Some of her branches are broken off and one appears on the ground at her feet decaying, transitioning into the earth.  I think about how parts of me, probably parts of my past, have broken off and transitioned just like this tree.  I sense this tree is female in my effort to associate with her.  She has a wide trunk.  I giggle just a bit comparing my recent weight gain with her generous trunk and then move on to notice the small holes in some of her branches and midsection.  I sense that she has   welcomed woodpeckers and others into the heart of her.  I think about how I may also have a few well worn openings within me welcoming all the people I have loved—some much like woodpeckers.  Again I laugh.   Rough bark is more noticeable on this tree as I compare it to others. I think it is a sure sign that she has been around a long while, just as I have.  Her branches extend wide and far, yet she leans toward the creek.  She must love the creek as I do. 

I thank the tree for allowing my inventory and continue walking.  My thoughts go to other things for a while but on my way back past the tree I pick up some small branches for kindling.  I feel the trees appreciating that their small discarded limbs will be used for some purpose.  I think about how the discarded aspects of my own past have often been used for the good of others.  From time to time I, too, pick up parts of my discarded past and use them—at least the ones that have not fully decayed.  I use them by sharing the memories for the good of others when I do counseling and like the tree, I am glad parts of me can be of service to others in some way. 

My car waits for my return and I pile the kindling inside and turn the ignition key.  All the while I am thinking how rushed my life has been earlier this month.  I remember how I barely had time to look at my email and how much I missed writing.  I remember that some people are living that fast paced life day after day and I give another Thanksgiving gratitude.  I am so blessed to live the life that I do.  I decide to offer my walk today like the Buddhists do.  A teacher of mine gave the example of doing whatever one does for all sentient beings—suffering or pleasure.  Sometimes I don’t want to wash the kitchen floor, but when I remember the days I worked 9 to 5, in so many of them I would have given anything to stay home and wash the kitchen floor.  I combine my Catholic upbringing with the Buddhist philosophy and remember often to offer up my suffering.  The nuns used to teach us to offer up pain and suffering in the name of other souls, to ease their distress.  Yet, the Buddhist adds the idea of experiencing pleasure for others as well. 

My wish today is that somehow I could give the freedom and pleasure of my walk to those who were stuck in a workplace all day doing a job they did not like.  May they somehow feel the freedom and pleasure that I did.   And may those who love their job, receive some of my happiness to love it even more!

Today I not only walked for myself.  I walked for you and I was grateful. 

Blessings and Love,
Your Sister in Light,
Joy Star
Art by Gilbert Williams

Inspired by, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

[Note:  Wayne uses the term ‘connectors’ to describe Lightworkers and/or Self Actualize people who are connected to Source Energy]

Rather than saying "My desires may not materialize",  'connectors' speak from an inner conviction that communicates their profound and simple knowing that the universal Source supplies everything.

They don't say, "With my luck things won't work out", but rather "I intend to create this and I know it will work out."

If you engage them in a conversation about how things may NOT work out, they say something like, "I refuse to think about what can't happen, because I'll attract exactly what I think about, so I only think about what I know will happen."

They know that if they say to the Source of All, "It probably won't work out," that they will receive back from the Source precisely what they sent it out to become.  (And it won't work out!)

To a 'connector' there are simply no accidents.  They perceive seemingly insignificant events as being orchestrated in perfect harmony.  They believe in synchronicity and aren't surprised when the perfect person for a situation appears, or when someone they're thinking about calls out of the blue, or when a book arrives unexpectedly in the mail giving them the information they need or when money for a project they've been 'intending' mysteriously shows up.

Connectors won't attempt to win you over to their point of view with debates.  They know better than to place a lot of energy on arguing or being frustrated, because they know that would attract more argumentation and frustration into their lives.

To connectors, everything that shows up in their life is there because it was intended there.  So they're always in a state of gratitude.  They feel grateful for everything, even things that might seem like obstacles.  They have the ability and desire to see a temporary illness as a blessing and they know in their heart that somewhere an opportunity exists in the setback. 

Through their thanks, they honor all possibilities, rather than asking their Source for something, because when they ask for what's missing, it is giving power to the idea of what's missing. 

Connector's aren't fault-finders.  If it rains, they enjoy it, knowing that they won't get where they want to go if they only travel on sunny days.  They react with harmony and appreciation with nature.  The snow, the wind, the sun and the sounds of nature are all reminders to them that they're a part of the natural world.
They have a consciousness of oneness, and therefore make no distinctions such as "them" or "those people".  To a connector, it is all 'we'.  They feel an affinity to all of life, as well as to the Source of all life.

They are adept at attracting into their lives the cooperation and assistance of others in fulfilling their own intention, joining up in a spiritual sense to co-create with others.

Because they are connected to all, they aren't surprised when synchronicity or coincidence brings them the fruits of their intentions.  They know that all that comes into their space does so because of their connection to it.

They know that they can negotiate the presence of anything that they place their attention on as long as they stay consistent in their desires with any of these energies:

They are in a perpetual state of gratitude and radical humility and don't brag about their good fortune.  They understand how the universe works and they stay blissfully in tune with it.

They know that fast moving energy (light) nullifies and dissolves slower energy.  They've trained their thoughts to move at the levels of higher vibrations, and consequently they're able to deflect slower/lower vibrations.

Connectors have an uplifting effect when they come into contact with people who are living in lower energy levels.  Their peacefulness causes others to feel calm and assured, and they radiate energy of serenity and peace.

Rather than persuade you to think like they do, the connector is convincing through the energy flow they exude.  People feel loved by them, because they're merged with the Source of all life, which IS Love.  They teach through example.

Connectors use their emotions as a guidance system to determine how attuned they are to Source/the Power of Intention.  If they feel 'bad' in any way, this is an indicator that it's time to change their energy level so that it matches up with the peaceful, loving energy of the Source.  They'll repeat to themselves:  "I want to feel good", then "I feel good" and then "I FEEL GOD" until they bring their thoughts into harmony with this desire.
If the world is at war, they will still opt to feel good.  They will smile and remind you that the world of Spirit works in peace, love, harmony, kindness, and abundance and that this is where they choose to reside within the self.  They know that they're 'feeling bad' will only ensure that they attract more of feeling bad into their life and into the world.

Connectors don't allow their well-being to be contingent on anything external to themselves---not the weather, the wars, politics, economy and certainly not anyone else's decision to be in low energy.

Connectors do not fear death.  They know that they were never truly born nor will they ever die.  They see death as taking off a garment or moving from one room to another---merely a transition.

Because connectors always feel aligned to everyone and everything in the universe, they don't experience the feeling of being separate from anyone else or separate from their desires.

You simply can't convince connectors that what they're intending won't materialize, because they trust in their connection to Source energy so strongly.

Connectors 'see' what it is they intend to manifest as if it already has materialized.  (It has!)  This is especially true for them because it's so real in their thoughts, and it is their reality.

Connectors are exceptionally generous.  They take great pleasure in giving.  They know that Source, to whom they are connected, is always providing and they choose to be providers too.  They know the truth is that the more they give of themselves the more flows back to them.

Connectors are inspired and inspiring rather than informed and filled with information.  They stay inspired by communing with Source.

They bring peaceful countenance to the presence of chaos and disharmony.

They know that imbalances in the earth such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather patterns are the result of a collective imbalance in human consciousness.

They view themselves as one with the planet, and feel a responsibility to stay balanced and in harmony to help stabilize the forces of the universe that are affected by excessive ego.  They will encourage you do this too.

Connectors don't dwell on disease and illness and they know that there are many possible outcomes for any given condition.

Connectors avoid loud, bellicose, opinionated people sending them a silent blessing and unobtrusively moving along.
To connectors, everything is energy.  They know that being hostile, hateful or even angry toward people who believe in and support low-energy activities, which involve violence in any form, will only contribute to that kind of debilitating activity in the world.

Connectors live through higher/faster energy that allows them to access their intuitive powers readily.  By staying so connected to Source energy, they're able to activate their intuition and have insight into what is possible and how to go about achieving it. 

The inner-knowing of connectors allows them to be infinitely patient, and they're never dis-satisified or impatient with the speed or the manner in which their intentions are manifesting.

Connectors are exceptionally kind and loving people; yet it's not an effort for them to be kind.  They know that being kind is a wonderful way to express gratitude for all that comes their way.

They see the beauty in our world and they are always appreciating something.  They can get lost in the beauty of a starry night or a frog on a lily pad.  They see beauty, especially, in children.

Connectors never know enough!  They're inquisitive about life, and they're attracted to every manner of activity, finding something to enjoy in all fields of human and creative endeavors.  They are always expanding their own horizons.

Connectors never say no to the universe.  Whatever life send them they say Thank You, what can I learn, and how can I grow from what I am receiving?  They always look for the silver lining in any cloud.

When someone is around a connector, they feel energized, purposeful, inspired and unified....this is because connectors are channeling Source energy.

Connectors 'think from the end' and experience what they wish to intend BEFORE it shows up in material form. 

When connectors 'feel good' they know that they are in vibrational harmony with Source. 

If you ask a connector what you can do to make your dreams come true, they will advise you to "change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change."

I hope this has given you some stars to shoot for!  And if you are already an accomplished 'connector' that you will share those stars with others!

In Loving Service,
Inspired by Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention,
Your Sister in Light,
Joy Star
For more of my writing you are welcome to Read My Blog
For more of my writing you are welcome to Read My Blog