One Psychic's Journey
by Joy Star, Psychic Medium
Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous and documented psychics of all time, stated that psychic ability is ultimately best achieved through the process of spiritual development.  I will never forget that day when I saw his words framed and hanging on the wall in a quiet corner of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies in Virginia Beach.  I stopped in my tracks and even now, as I write this, I recall how other visitors at the Institute hurriedly passed me by while I stood there and considered those words.  This was truth with a capital T and it confirmed my own personal experience.

Psychic or intuitive knowing has been a by-product of personal growth and spiritual development in my life.  In other words, my psychic abilities expanded as I developed in my spirituality.   One road would lead to the next until there seemed to be two undeniable parallel paths of spiritual and psychic growth running side by side.  These paths were sometimes frightening, other times painful, yet at all times exciting and exhilarating. 

It started when I began to reading extensively on the subjects of personal growth and self improvement. 
I remember being amazed to learn that my thoughts actually controlled my feelings and not the other way around.  It seems like lifetimes ago that this simple concept turned my life experiences around.  Knowing that my thoughts controlled my emotions answered many of the questions that I had been struggling with.  For example, I remember asking myself questions like, “Why was I so happy yesterday and today I am sad?”  Nothing had changed in my life to contribute to the apparent shift in my emotions.  I wondered who or what could account for that change.   This was a question that deeply troubled me, and I asked it over and over in my mind. 
Today I understand why this was so disturbing for me years ago.  My soul was signaling me that it was very important to figure this out, because emotional energy was one of the aspects that I had agreed to learn and teach in this lifetime.   Astrological information that I have access to today indicates that prior to this existence I made a choice to learn how to master and stabilize my emotions.  The stars and planets indicated that I am a healer who affects the emotional body of those around me.  At least this is was one of several chosen missions.

Eventually, the universe responded to my call for answers, and that began my awakening from a deep unconscious slumber.  Suddenly, I began receiving impulses to read anything I could get my hands on in the subject area of personal growth and development.  I was totally consumed with this endeavor and would come home from the library with armfuls of books, singing a happy tune.  We always sing a happy tune when we are on purpose.   I was raising two daughters by myself in those days and working a full-time job.  I remember how I couldn't wait to come home from work to read.  I would spend all my available time on weekends reading too.

Eventually, my interest in reading led me to books on past lives, metaphysics and spirituality.  My daughters would often say, “Mom, you need a life! All you do is read.”  Perhaps you can relate to this type of obsession in your own life, whether it’s reading or another all-consuming pursuit.  As I look back on it now, I see how directed I was every step of the way.  When the soul awakens, get ready for a wild ride!
The universe also prepared me through life experiences, not just through books.  Shortly after my indoctrination with books, and even just before the reading obsessions took place, my life began to change in dramatic ways. 

The level of unpleasantness than can be experienced with change often has to do with the level of fear that we have with regard to change in our lives.  Many times we ask for change; yet when it arrives, the destabilization of what we consider normal can bring our fear to the surface.  Not everyone will experience what I am about to describe nor in the way that I will describe it.  Everyone has chosen a life lesson which will include dramatic events which they drawn to assist in accomplish their goals.  Not everyone’s life lesson is the same, nor does everyone react to events the same way.  What I will defend is that if one is not paying attention to the signals, they only get stronger.  If we don’t move in the
direction we are being shown, sometimes I think we get a push.

I have noticed when doing readings that I very often attract people who are having some of the same challenges that I am experiencing.  For example, if I have a relationship issue I am working through one week, many of the clients who call for readings are also working with those same types of situations.  On the other hand, if I have financial concerns the following week, many of the people to come to me for help ask financial questions during their readings.  I believe that I am magnetizing to myself the same vibration of energy from the outer world that I am.  What a perfect system, for when I assist others, I also assist myself.  When I hear what their Spirit Guides tell them, mentally I understand that I can apply the same advice in my own life. 

Therefore, when I describe to you the life changes that I experienced, as I am about to do, understand that I was magnetizing others who were working with the same issues in the same way. Why?  Like attracts like is a universal truth that has been taught by many masters.  This would be the first conclusion, and also perhaps because the universe was trying to show me that I was not the only one having these types of experiences.    As you read ahead, keep in mind that not everyone will go through these same changes, but if you do or if you are, perhaps you were magnetized to this book to explain why. 
I remember that not long after my life changed dramatically, I saw a video lecture by Carolyn Myss, M.D., PhD, who is a true pioneer in the field of energetic medicine and healing as well as a best selling author.  If you are not familiar with her work, I highly recommend checking her out.  She was performing a one-woman skit on stage in which she was characterizing Spirit Guides who were realizing that the earthling who they were assisting was beginning to awaken to their spiritual path.  She demonstrated how suddenly they put their magazines down and began to go into action.  They said, “Okay, honey.  First, we are getting you out of that job! And then into a better relationship and after that we are moving you to another state!”  Actually, it was comical in one way, but in another way it truly hit home with me!  It is very likely that I magnetized seeing that video right when I needed to.  You see, when we ask, “What the heck is going on?” we often get the answer in the easiest and most simple form.  For me, that video explained all the events that had taken place over the preceding months.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that all experiences, even the ones that we may label as bad, help to prepare us to fulfill our chosen mission here.   Engaging in present day life reviews enable us to grasp a greater understanding of why certain events occur in our lives.  If you haven’t gone back to connect the dots yet, I encourage you to do so.  What I am talking about here is retracing your life steps.  Look where you have been to see where you are going.  You will see how much in Divine order your life is and how divinely you have been guided.    You will understand exactly why certain events happened—it all leads you right here, right now.  Doing a life review will enable you to see the why behind the wherefores.   You will have a greater understanding as to why each event in your life occurred the way that it did.  Truly, there is a reason! Trust that if you can’t make sense of it now, you probably will later---especially if you ask to be shown. 
In the event that you still don’t understand why certain things have happened in your life, it is good to adopt the idea that “the greatest understanding that we can have is that we really don’t have to understand”.  That is a well known quote of Wayne Dyer, a Counselor, Philosopher and well-known author, who is a guru of mine.  Not having to understand is all about faith and trust.

Faith in action is all about being willing to deal with life in the sure and certain knowledge that you will learn from your experiences, overcome adversity and be healed.  St. Paul said that we walk by faith and not by sight.  When you walk in faith, it is impossible to doubt the Divine order of all events.  Each time we face issues of trust and faith, we are being asked to grow and expand.  No matter how painful or oppressive life may seem at times, faith calls us to embrace changes with trust and wisdom. 
So often, I learned these pearls ‘after’ I have experienced a crisis in my life, and I hope that sharing my experiences, should they be similar to your own, will give you the spiritual heads-up, so to speak. At this point, suffice it to say that many of my life experiences provided great opportunities for growth and put me squarely on my spiritual path.

For example, harsh experiences early in my life enabled to me become skilled at to reading the energy around people.   This developed ability is what helps me with my psychic work today.   It wasn’t until my adult life that I realized that I was being prepared to be a Sensitive.  Now I can look back and bless the opportunities that were present which enabled me to tell if it was safe, according to someone’s mood, to enter a room in a normal way, or if I needed to quietly tip-toe past people. 

Essentially, over the years I have learned to find the silver lining in all of life’s cloudy experiences and this ability is one that I would encourage you to develop too.  If you look for the lesson in all that you experience and ask to be shown how the situation benefits you, it will serve you well. 

Soon after the universe prepared me through books, all heaven broke loose, to use a gentler phrase.  I remember this next experience that I am about to describe as if it were yesterday.  I was telling one of my spiritual teachers how horrible my life was going and I eagerly verified it as I proceeded to name one disastrous happening after the next.   I imagine that I must have had the same look that I saw on the faces of others who came to her with their own tales of woe.  Her response would be, “Oh, how wonderful, and what an opportunity for growth!”  She would almost clap her hands with glee as she’d say, “You are at a point of transition now and you are going to make wonderful spiritual progress!”  I would watch the incredulous looks as they formed upon the faces of those who came to her for pity.   When I shared with her my own life changing events, I remember thinking, “How can she say that?  Is she deaf?  Didn’t she hear what I said?”  Now I find myself telling people the very same thing that she said to me and so many others.  When it all falls apart is when it really starts to come together!
As was already mentioned, perhaps you will not experience the shift as dramatically as some of us, but I think we all change on some level as we become conscious of our Spirit and come to the understanding that life really does have profound direction and meaning.  Writings like this one have the ability to prepare you for inevitable change and make the transition smoother.  Know that others have gone before us to prepare the way.   They could perhaps be called the Spiritual bushwhackers of this age.  As you make your transition into new ways of seeing life, you naturally become more intuitive and psychic, just as Edgar Cayce says. 

When you get ‘on purpose’ and follow your heart’s desires, your life begins to change and you become more open to Spiritual communications and divine guidance for yourself and others.  In the beginning, it can almost be easier to get into knowing about others before you begin to trust messages for yourself.  It is my intention in writing this to help you do both.

My own experiences of temporary loss have taught me something valuable.  Had so much not all been taken away, I would still be holding on to the old way of life.  (Sometimes we move forward kicking and screaming.)  Yet, I now have learned that once we become conscious of what is really happening, we can ask that we learn our lessons through joy rather than through pain.

Without the inevitable change in my life, the opportunity for me to experience tremendous happiness through assisting others would not have been made manifest.  Don’t get me wrong, I have not yet totally arrived, but the journey is so much more fun awake.  Besides, how could I teach others to stay centered during times of chaos unless I, myself, had learned how?  How could I make a promise that God would not abandon them, if I did not know first hand that He wouldn’t?  How could I calm them, unless I first knew how to calm myself?

Through the process of my conscious life review, I also considered the memory of setting goals after listening to one of Tony Robbins cassette tapes.  Tony is a wonderful motivational speaker and another person whose work I recommend.    Years ago my youngest daughter, Pam, had taken it upon herself (no doubt motivated by Tony as well as Spirit) to order a complete set of cassette tapes on my charge card after she saw his TV advertisement!  I kept the tapes (worth every penny!), and specifically remember working with one particular exercise about goal setting.   If you have not tried this, I encourage you to do so.  It certainly gave me self-understanding.   I now see it as a way that Spirit was directing my path without my even realizing it.  If I recall properly, the exercise was timed and was to be performed without a lot of deliberation. 

When Tony said, “Go” I got my pencil and wrote down goals from the top of my head (interesting expression) until he said, “Stop”.  There were categories for each timed exercise, including goals for material desires.  I noticed at the end of the exercise that most of what I wrote was in the category of personal growth rather than goals for material achievement.  (Note:  goals can change).   I carried that paper around in my wallet for years.   Periodically, I would look back on that list and I could see that many of the goals that I had listed were well on their way to being achieved.  The first goal on the list was to become a master of my emotions and the other was to develop my psychic abilities.  I still have that list of goals in my wallet, as tattered and torn as it has become over the years!  It’s a great reminder.

Progress has been made in both of these areas of my life, but the point is, the “top of my head” actually brought forth what I now know is a part of my life’s chosen purpose.  I had no astrological verification of this at the time, and I barely knew my sun sign back then, but the important fact is that this exercise in goal setting was probably one of my first channeled messages!  I suggest that you, too, work off the top of your own head sometime and see what goals you manifest.  Don’t think about it; just start writing on the word, “Go”.  This is an exercise that can be very revealing.  I don’t have all the answers—far from it.  However, some of this does seem to support the metaphysical teachings that state, “What your heart desires to achieve is part of your life purpose”. 

Another lesson that I received that makes this clear to me was the day that I received a psychic reading from a very well-known psychic.  He was well respected in my spiritual teacher’s circle back then--he was the teacher’s teacher.  In months prior to the day of the reading, I was consistently asking the universe to show me my purpose or tell me what to do with my life.  Another friend of mine was stuck at the same place.  It seems she didn’t know what she was supposed to do either.  As far as I can recall this was approximately around the same time that I did the goal setting exercise; yet, I had was not able to make the connection back then as well as I am today.

In any event, she and I would drive for hours to a metaphysical class on psychic development each Sunday, repeatedly lamenting how we would be happy to fulfill our Divine mission if we only knew what it was!  We would comment to each other how we were praying for direction and waiting for a reply.  It was around that time that John White, the well-known psychic that I mentioned, came to town.  I scheduled a reading and I remember, as if it were yesterday, the first words out of his mouth.  He told me that he had my Spirit Guides there and that they were saying, “So Joy, what do you want to do with your life now?  As soon as you decide, we will help you!” 

Imagine my astonishment—free will had just been revealed to me.  I thought, “Oh, you mean we have a choice?”  Yes, we do.   And our choice will align with our heart’s desires.  And as far as I can tell, that’s how it works.  Our heart’s desire is connected with what we are suppose to do and while it may change with the aspects of our chosen lesson, the heart directs us onto the path that we have agreed to explore in this lifetime.  This is my truth with a capital T and many spiritual teachings support this idea; however, each of us must find the truth for ourselves.  You can accept this as your truth—or not.    One of my teachers would conclude each of her lessons with, “This is my truth for today, but my truth is always changing”.  I believe that if some of our truth didn’t change we would stay stuck and not evolve.   So consider that as you integrate what I have just said.

Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow and move closer to our heart’s desires.  Learning to open to your intuition, that internal guidance system that is always present within will make your journey easier and more rewarding.  The purpose of this book is to give you an understanding of how to tune-in to that aspect of yourself which will bring you into a higher knowing about your life and the lives of others as well.  

My own heart’s desire will be fulfilled if even one sentence in this writing brings you to a place of “satori”, which is that ah-ha! feeling.  I experienced many of these types of epiphanies as I traveled down the part of my path where I was reading obsessively.  As I would read those books, I would have that sense of ‘knowing’ which could be called more like a ‘remembering’.  I would say that it seemed like when I would remember a truth in some writing that it was similar to the umpire at the baseball game who sweeps off the home plate with the little hand broom.  It was there all along, but just covered with a little dirt and dust from the game.  I would recognize the teachings on a soul level and say, “I remember that!  I always ‘knew’ that’s the way it was!”  Perhaps as you read about my experiences it will bring forth the same kind of epiphanies for you too.

A psychic gave me the first message from one of my Spirit Guides, Thomas.  She delivered this message to me at a time when I was really struggling with a lot of doubt.  When one begins the separation from what is termed normal logical reality (which is really actuality very ill-logical), it is possible to have moments when you doubt your sanity.  After all, hearing voices, seeing visions, watching energy swirl and take shape around you can be a bit destabilizing at first.  Thomas said, “Hey kiddo, you think you are loosing your marbles, but you’re really just beginning to find them!”
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