Do spirits exist? I will tell you my story which suggests undeniabley, YES.
Will it convince you? It depends on how open your mind is; however, even if my story does not completely resonate with you, it may open your mind to the possibility of another dimension of reality which merges with ours.
Either purpose being served enhances the effort in detailing my experience, and I consider it a worthy use of my time.
So, let us begin.

The 'proof is in the pudding' as the saying goes, and as increasing numbers of experiences, such as mine, are related, it opens the mind in a receptive way for your own experience to be accepted.

It is my wish that each human have their own proof.  
And from what I have noted, this is the way Spirit works -- on a one-to-one basis.

The first time I 'knew' (the 'proof' for me) that the Spirit World exists and does communicate with us was about seven  years ago.  It was then that I began to speak with my Spirit Guide.
Yet, for quite some time, self-skepticism surrounded our early communications.

Our interaction began when I intentionally opened myself to the process by attending a psychic development class. It took lots of prodding from my Guide, working through others, to get me there, but that is a whole other story.
Each week in our class brief group meditations were followed by listening, feeling and seeing whatever information we thought we were 'getting'.
Each message received was written down on paper and exchanged with the designated individual whose name was drawn.
Each week I wrote down on a paper what I 'thought' I heard in my mind.
Doubt surrounded each message given, yet magically the information imparted seemed appropriate and accurate to the receiver.

Eventually, I began working outside the classroom on my own. Beautiful essays and profound universal truths came from my mind and through my hand in a series of daily writings.
In fact, I could hardly wait to come home from work each day for my meditation time when I would take down this heavenly dictation.

I argued with myself about where this writing came from, yet I had to admit that to my knowledge the type of information emanating from me was new and not known to me before -- at least not in 'this' lifetime.
Doubt continued to nag at me, and from time-to-time I believed my self to be delusional or in some fantasy world of my own making. 
One day, I spoke to my loving, telepathic teacher. "Who are you? And what is your name?", I asked.
Immediately, and over the top of the mental question came the reply, "IAD".
This was a strange name, to be sure, but I accepted the three white letters that were shown to me in my mind.
So, I thought,  my loving voice had an identity!  
Yet doubt that my sanity was intact continued. This doubt haunted me, disturbing me deeply at times. Yet, for the most part, I enjoyed my daily meditative written communication with my dear Spirit friend, IAD.

Eventually, he must have realized it was time to further validate his presence in my life. What I am about to tell you next was the 'proof in the pudding' for me. It happened that I was attending a class on creative visualization one evening. The instructor (at my urging) guided us through a meditative visualization for the purpose of meeting our Spirit Guide.
I will never forget that night--the memory of what happened is permanently etched in my mind. A clear and astounding vision came to me as we proceeded with the exercise. Even before the moment of introduction, which the instructor was guiding us to, I saw him!

My eyes were closed, yet he appeared before me as clearly as we see one another in this earth reality!
I will always remember the peaceful and loving facial expression on his long, sun-tanned face. He walked toward me, so clear in my vision and so real!  I saw him just as clearly as I see anything in third-dimensional reality.

He wore a wide headband across his forehead and was clothed in what appeared to be a tunic and skirt. He also had sandals on his feet. "Goodness", I thought, "he's wearing a dress!"   And the sweatband that was across his forehead was also unique.
It was soon after that a teacher explained that he was probably dressed in the typical Egyptian working-man's attire.
I have tried, many times, since then to reproduce this experience, yet have failed. Visions easily come to me as daydreams all the time now. They provide all the necessary information, yet they are not as clear and as real as it was seeing this special Spirit for the first time!

I see information and visions all the time now as an aid in my work as a professional psychic medium, yet I have never see anything as clearly as I saw the guide who was known to me as IAD.

Shortly after that, I went to the library and borrowed a number of books on Egyptian dress. Perhaps I was still attempting to validate his Egyptian connection to me. I wanted to see if the books showed this dress; somehow, I was looking for even 'more' proof.
It was on this night, just outside the library on my way to the car, that I first established the discussion process with him outside of a formal meditation.
My mind was completely empty while my arms were full of books. Then I heard his voice in my mind as loud as thunder: "Why do you doubt me?", he said.   I was astounded and didn't know what to say.  He continued the attempt to validate his presence in my life.

Several weeks later, a psychic artist with strong clairvoyant abilities was giving samples of her work at a gathering that I attended.
My mouth dropped as I silently watched her sketch the very face I had seen walking toward me weeks earlier! 
Her drawing was complete even detailing the wide headband across his forehead as I saw him so clearly weeks earlier!

Customarily, she wrote the name of the Spirit across the bottom of her drawing when she was finished.
As she did this, she handed me the paper with the name that my eyes had not yet seen.
Just as she articulated the name and handed me the paper, as loud as thunder I heard a voice in my head, over the top of hers which said, "Look at the last three letters!"
This was all the proof I needed! The name that was written was SARDAI --- the last three letters, albeit backwards, were IAD. These letters were the ones I, myself had received months earlier in reply to my question, "Who are you!"   The three white letters I A D that I saw in my mind were the last three letters in the name she had written:  SARDAI.

The psychic artist explained that the letters which had appeared backwards to me was not unusual.  She said that  letters  often appear that way as mirror images from Spirit World.

(The first three letters in his name had apparently not been perceived by me when his name was shown to me months earlier).

That night I cried tears of joy all the way home! It really 'is' true! He really 'does' exist! We are 'NOT' alone! and we ARE being watched over! And, most of all, I'm really 'not' crazy! The peace and joy that I felt then and continue to feel now overflows from my heart.
Since then I have met many other Spirits -- some are my own Guides, some are my own departed relatives, and some are the Guides and relatives of my clients. I have, since then, had many profound experiences and PROOF of their existence.

I could (and maybe will someday!) fill a book with the many validations and confirmations of Spirit World that I have experienced.
However, the greatest validation is their love -- the wonderful feelings of peace and perfect love that I feel in their presence.

As a spiritual medium as well as a psychic, it is a blessing to me that I have played a part in allowing information of a validating nature from departed family and friends to reach their loved one's here on earth. The examples are too many to mention, but from all I have witnessed through being part of the process, there is no longer any doubt whatsoever that Spirit Beings do exist and are playing a very important role in our lives!

My special loving Spirit Guide Sardai (formerly known as IAD) is a very mystical and loving being.  He has taught me much about nature and communicating with animals, rocks and trees.  He has a lovely way of speaking to me as he weaves mystical examples of nature into his communications.  I will post one of his channeled messages here.  I will pull one from the archives of my many channeled messages from him.  

It is this author's sincerest wish that the reader allow an experience of their very own to penetrate their consciousness. However, until then, please accept mine. It may not be the proof you need, but if you believe I am truthful with all I have written, you will open the door a little wider to allow a wonderful Spirit communication in your own life.

May we all continue to be blessed in every way!

An Article by Psychic Medium, Joy Star
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