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This is my gift to you today.  I am going to transcribe word-for-word for you a meditation which is on a tape series created by Deepak Chopra from his JOURNEY TO THE BOUNDLESS tape series. 
Please feel free to pass this on and around to others and to use it yourself repeatedly.  As you read this, you will go into an expansive meditative space – a place of healing and ‘boundless’ connectedness to All That Is!
As a suggestion before we begin, if you are in a hurried rush, set this aside for later today, perhaps just before you retire or even first thing in the morning when you have time to allow yourself full benefit of this gift.  Here is where my years as a transcriptionist where I developed a fast typing speed is going to pay off for your benefit!
I know Deepak and you will forgive any mistakes in word omissions or typographical errors.
And as another gift of love, three dear just crossed in front of the window I face at this very moment – an expression of love and joy!  They all stopped to look at me for the longest moment! 
So magical!
And now, SEEING THROUGH THE MASK OF MATTER, by Deepak Chopra, transcribed by Joy Star – I offer this gift of transcribing this tape for you with all my love!

Deepak Chopra
From Journey to the Boundless

Deepak:Tonight I’d like to take you through a couple of simple experiences and meditations to just break this boundary that we call perceptions . . .

because as William Blake said, “We are led to believe a lie when we are led to believe that we see with the eye and not through the eye.”  We want to see ‘through’ the eye to break through this concept of boundaries and see that in fact we are part of the boundless.
So I would like you to now be with me as we go through this exercise.  Relax and start just observing your breath . . . that’s all. 
This exercise is called SEEING THROUGH THE MASK OF MATTER.  The most important step in our journey to the boundless is to unfreeze the perceptions that have locked you into feelings of isolation, fragmentation and separateness. These frozen perceptions reinforce the ideas that only the reality of the five senses can be believed.
So let us see if we can go beyond the senses to find a level of transcendental experience which is, in fact, more real than the world of the senses.

In your mind’s eye, look at your hand--look at your right hand.  Look at it closely.  Trace its familiar lines and furrows.  Feel the texture of the skin – the supple flesh cushioning the submerged hardness of bone.  This is the hand your senses report to you is material object composed of flesh and blood.  And in this exercise we will attempt to go beyond that.  To give you a different experience that is BEYOND the reach of your senses.
Holding the image of your hand in your mind’s eye, imagine that you are examining it through a high-powered microscope whose lense can penetrate the finest fabrics of matter and energy.
At the lowest power, you no longer see smooth flesh, but acollection of individual cells loosely bound by connective tissue.  Each cell is a watery bag of proteins that appear as long chains of smaller molecules held together by invisible bonds.
Moving closer you can see separate atoms of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen and so on, which have no solidity at all.   They are vibrating ghostly shadows revealed through the microscope as patches of light and dark.
You have arrived at the boundary between matter and energy.  For the subatomic particles making up each atom whirling electrons               dancing around a nuclear chore of neutrons and protons are not dots and spots of matter.   They are more like traces of light left by a 4th of July sparkler in the dark.
At this level, you see that all things you once took to be solid are just energy trails.      The instant you see one trail, the energy has moved elsewhere leaving nothing substantial to be touched or seen.  Each trail is a quantum event – fleeting, dying out as soon as it is noticed.
Now you start sinking even deeper into quantum space.  All light disappears, replaced by yawning chasms of emptiness. Far away, on the horizon of your vision, you see a last flash.  Like the farthest and faintest star visible in the night’s sky.
Hold that flash in your mind for it is the last remnant of matter or energy detectible by any scientific instrument.
The emptiness closes in and you are in a place where not just matter and energy are gone—but space and time as well.
You have left behind your hand as a space time event.  Like all space time events, your body has to have an origin beyond the 4th dimension.  There is no such thing as before or after in this region, no concept of big or small.  Here your hand exists before the Big Band and after the universes’ end in the heat-death of absolute zero. 
In reality these terms are meaningless for you have arrived at the womb of the universe – the pre-quantum region that has no dimensions and all dimensions.  You are everywhere and nowhere.
As your hand ceased to exist, know that in crossing the boundary of the 4th dimension, you didn’t go anywhere.  The whole notion of space and time simply doesn’t apply anymore.
All the grosser levels of perception are still available to you.  Your hand still exists at all these levels that you have traversed---subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular – connected by invisible intelligence to the place where you now find yourself.
Each layer is a layer of transformation – completely different from the one above or below it, but only here nothing but pure information, idea, creative potential are all levels reduced to their common origin.
Ponder this exercise for a moment to absorb its lessons.
These are the lessons:
The three dimensional body reported by the five senses is a mirage
Every solid particle of matter is composed of more than 99.99 per cent empty space
The void between two electrons is as proportionately as empty as the space between two galaxies

If you go deep enough into the fabric of matter and energy, you arrive at the origin of the universe
All events in space-time have a common source outside the reality we perceive
Beyond the quantum, your body exists as pure creative potential -- a multilayered process controlled by intelligence

Now examine your hand with a new understanding.  It is the stepping off point for a dizzying descent into the DANCE OF LIFE where the dancers disappear if you approach to near and the music fades away into the silence of eternity.
This dance is forever.  And this dance is YOU!  You are the DANCE OF THE UNIVERSE!

And now that we have reached the level of quantum space, underlying all physical existence, I want you to become more comfortable there.
Ordinarily, we think of space as being empty.  But quantum space is FULL.  It is the continuity that CONNECTS EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. 
When the quantum field is active, it gives rise to a space-time event.  When it is quiet, there is just quantum space.
But this doesn’t signify that the field has gaps in it.

Imagine the Earth surrounded by lines of magnetic force radiating out of the north and south magnetic poles.  All the separate magnets on the planet, participate in this field.  They are small separate outcroppings of magnetism, yet even when a magnet is not in your immediate vicinity the magnetic field surrounds you.
  A horseshoe magnet is a local outcropping of the field -- a space time event.  While the lines of magnetism surrounding the Earth are a non-local invisible presence.  Both are connected as aspects of one underlying field of energy.
Because your body emanates electro-magnetic frequencies, you are yet another expression of the same field! 
The pulsations of nerve signals racing along your limb, the electrical charge emitted by your heart cells and the faint field of current surrounding your brain all demonstrate that YOU ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM ANY FORM OF ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE!

Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine two candles standing about three feet apart on a table in front of you.
Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine two candles standing about three feet apart on a table in front of you.
Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine two candles standing about three feet apart on a table in front of you.
Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine two candles standing about three feet apart on a table in front of you.
To your eyes they appear separate and independent---yet the light they cast fills the room with photons.
The entire space between them is bridged by light, and therefore there is no real separation at the quantum level.
Now, imagine you carry one of the candles with you outside and that it is night.  Hold it up against a background of stars.
The pinpoint of lights in the sky may be billions of light-years away, but on a quantum level each star is just as connected to your candle as the other candle in the room.  The vast space between them contains waves of energy that bind them.
As you look at the candle, and the distant stars, photons of light from both land on your retina—on your eye cells.  There they trigger flashes of electro-chemical discharge that belong to a different vibratory frequency from visible light – yet, they are part of the same electro-magnetic field. 
Therefore, YOU ARE ANOTHER CANDLE, another piece of STARDUST whose local concentration of matter and energy is one outcropping in the infinite field that surrounds and supports you.
Think about this organic connection between everything in existence!
Think about this organic connection between everything in existence!
Think about this organic connection between everything in existence!
The lessons of this exercise are:

No matter how separate anything appears to the senses, nothing is separate at the quantum level.  Nothing!
The quantum field exists in, around and through you!

You’re not ‘looking at’ the field--in every wave and particle, that field is your extended body!
The universe is your extended body!
Each of your cells is a local concentration of information and energy inside the wholeness of information and energy of your body.
Likewise, you are a local concentration of information and energy in the wholeness that is the body of the universe!

When you begin to own this knowledge, nothing in your environment will feel threatening to you. And you will have access to all that energy, that boundless energy which is flowing through you right this moment!

As a result, the fear of separation will loosen it’s hold over you and the unbroken flow of awareness – the unbroken flow of energy will create healing in your body!



The word healing comes from the word ‘whole’ and we are part of that wholeness. 

Whole, Healing, Holy – that sacred connection between us and between everything that exists!


We’re just focal points, space-time events

Stay with that for the next little while.

from Journey to the Boundless, by Deepak Chopra
Transcribed by Psychic Medium, Joy Star,

A Gift for YOU!
from Psychic Medium Joy Star