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Leave behind as much of your doubt and skepticism as you feel that you can--more on that later. Be as open-minded as you can about the process in which you are about to involve yourself.  This is what psychics usually mean when they ask you to just 'be open'.  There is a good reason for this; it is because you will receive the best reading this way and the psychic really wants to do a good job for you.  There are several reasons why you get the best reading when you unlock your mind.  I will do my very best to explain about them.  
Of course up to this point I've been referring to a Live Phone Session, but the other types of readings work essentially the same way.  You just submit your questions when you request the Email or 'Audio Recording (mp3) Only' reading. More about questions appears below.

It's really no different when you get a psychic reading.  During the reading, I am helping you to experience the helpful reading that you're focus on if you let me. Yet, if you remain closed and  if you focus on the wrong things, I may very well play a role in the fulfillment of your negative expectations.  Ouch!  Let me quickly add that this rarely happens and I sure don't like to even bring that up.  Yet,  all this is true and it goes along with the point I am trying to make.  The children who learned how to ride the bike had just the right amount of apprehension and caution to keep them on track until their second nature started to kick in.  Those who had too much trepidation, had the experience that their anxiety produced.   The same is true regarding receiving a psychic reading.  If you expect a negative experience, your expectations will affect your experience.  You see?
Most likely you started riding that bike with a little apprehension.  After all, who wants to skin their knees and fall in the dirt?  I little apprehension served you well, but you always saw the 'big picture'.  You always saw yourself riding that bike.  My point is, that once you got on and started moving, your body and mind began to work together and before long, it became very much like second nature to you.  

Most psychics realize that 'newcomers' are sometimes afraid they are doing something wrong (cheating on life's tests) when they ask for a psychic reading. There is nothing further from the truth.  Our Spirit Guides, Angels and our own Higher Selves are working with us to move the soul through life and we're all on the same team.  When you are assisted to realign with your path of harmony, it is good for all concerned and for the universe at large.  After all, that is what we're all here for---to help each other see the soul's truth.
You know how the dentist says 'open wide' when they are about go into your mouth?  Well, a psychic says 'open wide' too--when they go into your energy field.  We are asking you to relax and enjoy the experience, that's all. We can't do our work when you are closed any more than your dentist can work on your teeth if you have your jaws clamped shut.  That sounds sort of harsh--and I don't mean for it to.  However, it really is the same general principal. And believe me (being no fan of dental work) I can assure you that having a reading is allot more fun than going to the dentist.  All you need to do is relax.
Remember back when you learned to ride your first bicycle?  Your 
well-meaning earth protectors said, "Be careful, you could fall." 
Remember that? You may have been a little apprehensive but you wanted to move a little faster and a bicycle was just what you needed to get from one place to another much quicker, besides it was so much like flying.  And you've always loved flying!  
The example of the bicycle will, hopefully, be a good one to help you understand what I am trying to  impart about psychic readings.  Those who never learned how to ride a bike as a child (providing their health permitted it), may have been held back by the fear instilled in them by those well meaning life teachers who convinced them that they could fall off and get hurt.  That fear and skepticism kept them from having a greater experience. It kept them from learning how to fly along while riding on the top of the bicycle seat just like it was second nature.  
There is nothing wrong with asking for guidance in life.   It happens to all of us at one point or another; we need a little help.  In fact, it 's true that psychics turn to other psychics for that very reason.  Sometimes we need just a little assistance to get back on track and that's the psychic's job.  We (Spirit Guides and I)  help you get back in touch with your Divine Guidance.  Additionally, the connection gives you the little energy boost that you might need to keep on flying. You can think of us like when you pull into rest stop on the highway. We help you check the map and have a refreshing energy drink, so-to-speak.  We are happy to be here for you to serve that purpose. 
You are always receiving  healing and balancing energy from your Spirit Advisors during a session.   You deserve a full hour of alignment while having all your questions and issues addressed.  

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times--people say, "Oh, Joy, I'm so glad I called.  I feel so much better!"   I've some to realize that this is also because of the hour long healing energy transmittals that take place during the session in addition to the answers and insights given.

I encourage you to keep the audio recording of your reading handy to refer back to from time to time.  People tell me that every time they go back and listen to it that it gives them greater depth of insight, more understanding and most times another healing.  The vibrational healing energy comes right through the audio and affects you every time you listen to it; or so client's tell me. 
The informational flow of energy during a psychic reading is affected to some degree by your ability to remain open throughout the session.  You are part of the process in that respect. No psychic will ask you do leave your common sense behind, nor will they expect for you not  to have a certain amount of apprehension.  All I ask is that you come to the psychic table, so-to-speak, with the same amount of reasonable sensibility that you used to when first learning how to ride that bike.  Envision yourself accomplishing the goal of receiving insight, guidance and answers to your questions . . . after all, a positive attitude goes a long way no matter what endeavor you are participating in.  

If we work by phone (which is usually the case), have a pen and paper handy when you call for your reading so that you can jot down any questions that come up as a result of the initial information that is given during the first 15 (or so) minutes of the reading.  I will pause following the time after which the bulk of information has been transmitted. Then you can inquire further about what was given based on any notes you may have taken, and you can ask any additional questions about anything at all.  So you may like to have questions written down before we begin as well.  Most people  do and then they think of many more additional questions as we go along.  The session will be recorded for you, so the pencil and paper is to jot down anything that you'd like to go back and talk more about during the reading itself.
And NO -- none of them have to do with the psychic wanting you to be a gullible air-head who accepts everything that is said--that is not the kind of client that a good psychic really wants.  If you can be somewhere in between those two opposites, this would be a good mental position.  Remain open throughout the process; you can sort out the details later.
Some apprehension is normal, especially if this is your first psychic reading (soul reading).  Yet, too much apprehension is a hindrance.  Well-meaning religious indoctrinators sometimes elude that reaching out to other levels of consciousness or talking to Angels or Spiritual Guides is something to stay away from.  Yet, talking to Guardian Angels and Higher Levels of Mind is something that is actually quite natural.  You have already been doing so from day one on this plane, much of the time without realizing it.    In other words, from the time you were born into this lifetime you have been reaching higher planes of awareness and communicating with Angels and Spirit Educators.  Often you've just not been aware of it, that's all.  
We all have a second nature.  It is our spiritual nature.  And just like when you learned to ride your bike, if you keep the big picture in mind, you will see that the informational energy during a psychic reading goes flying along just like your feet on those pedals did (or maybe still do).  The fast energy is exhilarating energy.  Ah, the wind in your hair and all that!   
It is true that someone could, very well, get hurt if they fell from a bike when they were first learning.  They could pedal that bike into a ditch and fall over too--especially if they are focused on the ditch.  We do tend to experience what we focus on.  Ever notice when you look at where not  to go, you end up going there?  That's never truer than when riding a bike! And it's generally true in all life experiences.
I hope this little bit of writing about receiving a psychic reading has been helpful for you.  When you're ready, we are here for you!

Don't be at all surprised if your Spirit Guides and Higher Self address your greatest concerns in the first 10 minutes or so of the reading.  That's the way it usually happens.  They already know why you are seeking guidance.  During the rest of the session you will have an opportunity to really 'nail them down' so to speak by asking specific questions or having any additional issues addressed.  
Before Your Psychic Reading. . . .
Psychic F.A.Q.'s
Won't I get a better reading if I am face-to-face rather than getting a reading over the phone? 

I don't know why people seem to believe they will get a better reading in person.  The telephone is a great conductor of psychic energy and it actually enhances the connection.  While there may be some psychics who believe they work better in person; for me this isn't necessarily true.  I have conducted many in-person readings with the client sitting across from me; and it works just as well as a phone reading.  Therefore, I cannot honestly say that either method prevents information from coming through.  I usually do in-person readings only when I am out of state.  However, when I am home, I  work by phone.   This is the method I always use.
When a client is in my home, the distraction of my concern for the client's physical comfort and setting up the area to accommodate a visitor in person can be a slight hindrance to the process.  I have my own system of preparing for and setting-up for a phone reading and it works well.  I can focus on the energy of the client and the Spirit Guides much more efficiently and  it's the method that I use most successfully and efficiently. 
Are Email, chat or 'Mp3 Only' readings as good as a phone session?

Questions that are written and submitted in advance of the session  are answered in the same way as a phone session. Essentially there are no differences.  The beginning of these other sessions is strictly channeled information and then the questions that were submitted are viewed and addressed.  I make it a habit not to look at the questions until after the initital channeled message from spirit is given.   Even if I did accidentally glance at the questions when submitted, by the time I sit to do the reading, they are dismissed from my mind.   (My memory is not that great in this regard.  <smile> I just like to channel first and then look to the questions afterwawrds.

There is a slight advantage to the client of a live phone session in that questions can be asked throughout the duration of the session.  This, of course, is not possible in an Email reading or in an 'Mp3 Only' session since the client isn't present during the time of the reading.     

I have given Email readings and Mp3 Only readings to clients all over the world and they come back for additional sessions.   Therefore, since they are repeat clients, I assume that they are satisfied with their non-phone readings.  They write and tell me that they are.
Can you tell me what my Spirit Guides' names are?  And how many I have?

Yes, this is indeed possible (and I have delivered names many times when asked),  but since I feel their feelings during the reading, I have to also add that names are usually not a large focus from the Spirit World's perspective.  They shy away, often times, from names; although some have volunteered their names on occasion.  As far as the number of guides is concerned, sometimes I am given a number, but often times I see a group of guides and don't count heads knowing that they would see this as unimportant.  I can only guess the number based on the crowd that is present.  And I always say I am guessing when I am.

Usually the name that they give has a special significance or meaning.  An example of a Spirit Guide's name with significance is that of my own guide, Thomas.  He spoke through a psychic here on earth and delivered  a message stating  that he chose the name Thomas in recognition of my own 'Doubting Thomas' tendencies.  (I exhibited sufficient doubt at the beginning of my training to warrant this.)  Now when I think of Thomas I also remember how he helped me to overcome my doubt.  He saw to it that I received one validation after the next to help me release them.

Another example is Winslow.  I was told in a similar fashion that he took that name for me as a reminder to go slow.  He said in that way I would best be able to 'win' or achieve my psychic goals---Winslow.  

Another one of my Guides with a similar name is called Windom.  It wasn't until later that I realized that his name was a reference to a place where I would soon be moving.  Within six months of being introduced to Windom, I moved to the North Carolina Mountains. The first residence I had here was in a small community called Windom.  I realized this name similarity only after I had already rented the apartment--not before. I remember the first time I saw the sign with the word Windom on it.  I was driving my car.  I had to pull off to the side of the road and breathe because I was so stunned. So you see?   Their names are often given in reference to something of significance in our lives.  In Windom's case, he gave a name that correlated with the small community where I would soon be residing.  It was his way of showing me that he knew what was coming up for me  next.

Many times I am talking with a client's group of Spirit Guides--it is what I call synergistic energy.  Consequently, they may suggest a reference to themselves such as 'the team' or 'the group' and the like.   Synergistic energy (group consciousness) doesn't really have a sole identity.

Generally, I find that they are not very involved in identifying their names unless it brings a message with it for you.  I will, however, from time-to-time know that a particular Archangel is working with you because I am shown or told.  This is true also with energy such as Merlin, Thoth, Saint Germain, etc.  

There's always the occasional exception and so, from my experience, there seems to be no hard or fast rule with regard to their name identity.  

I can see the Spirit Guides' aura colors many times and I also see the colors of your Angels as well so I could describe that for you.   But usually our joint focus is on the message that they wish to give to you.   They are quite without ego, you know. 

My sense always is that they would like to personally communicate directly with you and often they give suggestions during the reading for how you can do that.  They really want you to develop a relationship with them to help you directly commune with Source. 

This phrase from Shakespeare seems to apply to names for  Spirit Guides:
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".  

Can you assure me that my loved one who has crossed over will come through during a reading?

It's best to say that I actually cannot make that assurance. Yet, within the same breath, I have to add that  it is rare that I am unable to connect with a loved one or friend in spirit if that is what is being sought by you.  It has happened on rare occasion that I have failed, but at those times the client seemed to shut down the connection through impatience or doubt.  That wall of energy is difficult for both myself and those in spirit world to work through--although we have done it despite the effort involved.   It isn't fair to always blame the client; admittidly, there have been occasions when I have failed.  But again, it is rare.

If you have watched the John Edwards TV show, Crossing Over, then you know how it works.  By this I mean that sometimes a different entity than the one you expected initiates communication, and then the family member you are seeking comes through once the information pathway is established.  So please hang in there with us.   And if you don't eventually hear from the one you were hoping for,  I will ask you for the first name of the person.  Once I have the first name of the individual, it helps me to draw them in by repeating their name several times.  I've had good results using this method.

Once I have a communication established as validated by you, it's then possible for you to ask questions of them and I am able to give you their reply.  It is an honor to be the go-between (medium) in this process.  I experience the tremendous exchange of love between you and your loved one which nearly brings me to tears.

Can you talk to animals?

Oh, yes, indeed;  I have done so many times.  This is great fun for me.  I love speaking with animals and can communicate with pets both on the earth plane (who are in your own home) and with departed pets as well.  Often times my own cat, Princess, lets me know when there is an animal who wishes to communicate.  She jumps right in front of me and sits on the table until the animal is recognized.  She sometimes helps me establish and maintain the connection upon which informational energy  travels.  

Just like with human communications, your animals flash me pictures and tell me things through their feelings.  And they actually 'talk' as well.  Don't be surprised when you call for a reading that your house pet and companion wants to say a few words (or more) to you.  

Their communication is simple, yet intelligent and always loving and oozing with gratitude.  Some have definite preferences that they want you to know about and others want an opportunity to explain their behavior.  

Pets who have crossed over want to speak to you as well, so we get them coming from all directions.  Most pet owners are thrilled to know what their pets have to say.  And it is a special honor and pleasure to facilitate the process of communication between you and your animal family.  

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Although Joy's divination is known for detail, accuracy and helpfulness by virtue of clients returning again and again, no system of divination or psychic reading can guarantee 100% accuracy.  Readings should be regarded as a form of consultation  and should never replace professional medical, financial or legal advice. It is the responsibility of those seeking divination to use their own best judgment when making decisions based on the suggestions given in any divination session. 
 Here’s help on how to ask questions -- examples:

What is the best spiritual path for me?
I am considering X, Y and Z - which one should I choose?
What are my biggest obstacles in life?

The following is a list of possible topics. This list is not meant to be definitive, but rather to be used as a guide.

Checking the compatibility of potential partners
Checking the karmic connections between family members
Fertility and childbirth issues
Health and Longevity
Identifying the causes of illness
Financial and Business Matters
How to increase one's prosperity
How to ensure success of one's business ventures
Determining the best investments (provide list)
Predicting future financial success/troubles
Resolving current financial difficulties
Choosing the right location and time to start a new venture
Determining the most suitable location for home and work
Determining the best time to relocate
Success in achieving one's aims
Checking the potential success or failure of one's projects or plans
How to best assist the dying person's transition
 Checking to see your previous lives
Checking the previous lives of family members
Checking the past karmic connections with others
 Some examples of how to formulate your questions:

  • I have met someone - is this person a good match for me?
  • I want to marry ________.  Is there any chance for me to marry him/her?
  • My partner and I are always fighting. Why? And what can we do to have a more harmonious relationship?
  • How many children will I have?
  • My daughter seems depressed. What is the problem?
  • I want to see a specialist for my illness, which physician is best (provide list)?
  • My husband is having surgery for __________ on _(date)_______. Will there be any complications? Is there anything we can do to ensure a speedy recovery?
  • Will I have any major health problems this year? If so, what should I do to minimize them?
  • I am writing a book. Will it be successful?
  • What can I do to ensure that my new product is successful?
  • When should we start our new business?
  • I am thinking of taking this new job ________. Will this be beneficial for me?
  • I am thinking of moving to these locations (provide list), which place is most suitable for me?
  • My sister and I haven't spoken for years. Is there any chance to heal our relationship and get back together again?
Remember that the answer comes from the question, so the more specific your question, the more specific the answer will be. Questions that are vague will yield vague answers or no answer at all. In addition, it is not uncommon that other information (that was not specifically asked for) is given if that information is an important message for you.

If you are scheduled for a personal divination phone appointment with me, it is best to write your questions down beforehand. A complimentary audio recording is provided afterward.  Note:  if you have audio recording equipment yourself, feel free to use it as a backup in case of a technical failure if you’d like.  (In over 10 years, failures may have happened only once or twice; so audio back up is rarely required.)  It's option for you to consider if have your own phone recording equipment.  Either way and regardless, I make the recording and email you a file pick-up notice and then you download the file; this way, you can re-listen to the reading and review the information right away if you desire this.  Many people review their recording periodically over subsequent time—they tell me that they find this very helpful.  Many MORE DETAILS ABOUT READINGS, including FAQ's below. . .

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