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I love this  image below by Gilbert Williams of the winged female reaching up toward the ball of energy.  This is often how I imagine my association with Spirit World--reaching  up into the ethers to receive energy balls of information.

My work is a very intricate part of who I am ~   as it is for most spiritual psychics, we pretty much live what we do.  
While my work doesn't completely define me (of course), I will have to say that once the barrier into other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness is breached, there's really no going back.  My intent is to keep my consciousness at the highest state possible at all times in order to facilitate the channeling work that I do.

 I will now put myself in your shoes, so to speak, and write a little about what I think you would like to know about me.    Many people seem to ask one particular question.  How did you begin to do this work?  
I will start with that.  And I will do my best not to bore you.
Ready to see how I do with that intention?  :)  Then keep reading . . . 
You know often times one hears psychics talk about 'having the gift' from childhood.  Not me.  Not that I can recall at least.  The most I can say is that from an early age I seemed to have been sensitive.  I could easily tell just  how other people were feeling emotionally.    I think I developed clairsentience as a survival mechanism early on.  Feeling the energy in a room and the people within that environment served me just as well then as it does now.  I don't believe I was born any more psychic than anyone else.  On the other hand, astrologers seem to wow at my chart and say things like, "No wonder you're a psychic!".  [Planets in the 12 and Sun/Moon conjunct Neptune in the 2nd and Scorpio South Node conj. Jupiter in Scorpio, etc.]  I am very introspective, philosophical and spiritual and my natal chart shows it [toss in 3rd house Mercury in Scorpio.]
 My life hasn't been a piece-of-cake, as they say, and I've had more than my share of difficult times, but I am one who always looks for the silver lining around those dark clouds.  
I have three lovely daughters, all grown and out on their own now.  I am very close to my daughters.  I have been additionally blessed with two little grandchildren ~ a boy and girl.  (See my photo gallery for their pictures.)  I  was married for 20 years, divorced and I am currently living a beautiful life of solitude in the mountains, not that I wouldn't welcome the right spiritual companion to share life with someday. 
When my daughter's were in their pre-teen years, I attended physical therapy school and worked in that profession (in health care) for a number of years.   All the while I was reading spiritual books and anything metaphysical that I could get my hands on.  Why?  I felt directed, interested, motivated and almost driven to do so -- and the hand of Spirit began to push a bit harder as the years progressed.Its funny, isn't it, how we can look back and see exactly how we were lead and directed by Spirit all throughout our lives.  My work in health care truly was a stepping stone into my psychic profession.  I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say, my physical therapy career created within me a need to understand the emotional side of health.  I observed clearly just how people's emotions affected their health. 
I was exposed to many different personalities and health issues during the years I practiced physical therapy. My curiosity about emotional issues in humans started at an early age and after some of my own emotional up's and down's, combined with my work in western medicine, it quite naturally led me to the spiritual path.  Why do people get sick?  Why do some people heal and others don't?   Inquiring minds want to know, as they say.  I wouldn't suppose for a minute that I have all the answers, but I sure have developed some good theories over the years.  Some of which were confirmed when I began to read books written by people like Carolyn Myss and Louise Hay.  
I was raised a Catholic and in turn followed that pattern with  my own children.  I've always been one to question the authority of religious structure -- or any structure for that matter -- but I loved the rituals, the candles and chanting, of the Catholic tradition and most of all The Blessed Mother... the Feminine Divine in any form resonates with me e.g. Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, Isis, etc.   Like most  everyone who chooses to be a student of life, I yearned for real truth -- my own.   While I searched for the keys to happiness, I noticed I quit trying to figure everyone else out.  It occurred to me that I had enough on my hands trying to understand myself.  Ahhh, the eternal search for identity!That turned me off the path of judgment toward others/ The process of understanding myself caused me to look inward and while I was doing that, I discovered the great beyond of Spirit World and the depths of my own soul's connection to The Divine. 
A student of life (and a student of anything else I am motivated to learn for self improvement) is one of the ways that I would describe my basic personality.  My major focus was (and is) understanding our human nature and our spiritual nature.  I have learned that where the two meet and where they don’t seem to be determining factors in our loneliness or happiness.   Soul Astrology and anything relating to "Soul" attracts me and my study of Evolutionary Astrology has, more than anything else, helped me to understand my own patterns (and so much more!) and this is why I've now incorporated Soul Astrology readings into my work.  

To make a long story short, somewhere along the way, it all merged together -- the physical and the metaphysical.   As the years progress, my life dramas and experiences all seemed to make sense--there's a purpose after all!  Most importantly, I clearly realized that I have been guided every step of the way.  My Spirit Guides have always been around me, but many times I couldn't hear, see or feel them.  It's hard to listen to others when you're making a lot of noise yourself!  
About 15 years ago, I attended a  Metaphysical Center nearby and began to take classes in Psychic Development.  Around that same time, I  started listening to a motivational goal-setting tape and began to outline some goals for myself.  
I specifically remember that one of my goals  was to become more psychic and intuitive.  I am not sure where the desire came from!   My human side can say that with assurance.   But my spiritual side knows perfectly well that it was time to awaken.    However, when I made that goal for myself, I had yet to meet one single psychic!   And no, it didn't run in our family either.

I didn't know of anyone else in the world who had such a goal.   Who inspired me to such a thing?  My own family religious heritage was Catholic.   And I had no friends or acquaintances who had any interest in metaphysical matters.  All I can say is that my desire was being divinely guided. 

I have come to believe that what we 'really' want to do is what we are being guided to do and vice versa.   The heart's desire seems to always be leading us to the next step in our evolution.Once I made a conscious choice to become more psychic, “stuff started happening", as they say.    People began telling me about a metaphysical center and my daughter (who had no interest in these matters personally) practically dragged me there one night.  She was obviously following Spirit's direction.  It sure wasn't 'her' cup-of-tea back then.

As it is often said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear -- or in my case, someone will drag you to the teacher!  I wasn't a very cooperative student at first.  You want to talk about a 'skeptic'!  To read a book was one thing, but when the medium who owned the place told me that I, too, was a medium, I thought it was some sort of racket.  I literally scoffed I'm ashamed to say.  For years I needed 'proof' and then when it would come, I'd rationalize it away.  My guides weren't calling me  'Doubting Thomas' for nothing!  In fact they assigned me a Spirit Guide with this very name for that reason, Thomas!  He has since become one of my nearest and dearest Spirit World friends. The dye was cast.  Seeds that had been planted were taking hold.

I began to study with many teachers (psychic mediums) at various metaphysical schools and centers.  They helped me with mediumship and psychic evolution. However, I agree with Edgar Cayce, who said that becoming psychic is just a natural by-product of being on a spiritual path.  I resonate with that idea and have fully experienced that truth.My own Spirit Guides are my greatest teachers!   They have personally trained me to do the messenger work that is now such a major part of my life.  I could write a book about them and all the many adventures that I've had in Spirit World.  In fact, I have started that book (several times now!)  Someday it will be published.  
On the more earthly, or mundane level, the other parts of 'About Joy' would have to include where I live and so forth.   I will now conclude with a little of that, just in case any brave soul is still out there actually reading this.  I reside in North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at an elevation of about 3,500 feet.  My home rests the shadows of an even taller mountain which is a magnetic energy vortex.  This mountain projects a very feminine energy field.   Electric energy is more masculine, but I live just under a magnetic (feminine) energy vortex.  If you know anything about Sedona, AZ, then you understand what I am talking about.  Magnetic energy is heart-opening energy and it is the perfect  setting for the work that I do.  The area here is not only lovely - it is purely magical and mystical!  I am most happy in this  secluded, mountainous setting.  There are many natural crystals and gems in the surrounding mountains, which is also very conducive to my work.  Spirit absolutely directed me here!   Another book could be written about the miracles that have occurred to bring me to this very location.

I have aspirations to be a writer, as I have mentioned.  And I would like very much to open a small bookstore slash/metaphysical center near here.  So we have put that request out to the Angels and Divine Mind and we shall see what opportunities come my way for that.  (It is more like they have put that request out to me -- but shhhhh, don't tell them I already know that!)Timing and finances will meet up at some point and I am holding the vision, or Spirit keeps giving me that vision!  Either way or both.

Now that is enough about me.  I would love to know more about YOU!  I invite your communication and am always open to making new friends. 
The only thing I will add is that my life is one of devotion and  service to Spirit World and to YOU! 

It is a special honor and pleasure to be the eyes, ears and mouth for our Spiritual Helpers and to communicate with the Higher Self ~ Soul of my clients.  It is a privilege to be able to serve in this way and to reunite my client's with their family members on the other side as well.  I'm also thrilled to assist others with 
self-understanding using Evolutionary Astrology.  

Please share my web site with others whom you feel may benefit from our services.  

Naturally, I do ask for and expect an exchange  for my time and energy.  It took me a while to be able to look folks in the eye and say so, but I understand the ebb and flow principles of the universe much better now.  

Each time I have asked for an increased fee for my work, I struggled within about it.  These days I am learning the value of my work and my worth.I appreciate what I do as an important contribution to the minds, hearts and spirits of my clients.  
I believe that they recognize that too.    

Before you leave my web site, I invite you to view and sign the Guest Book at the bottom my Home Page.  

Thank you for visiting.  Nice to meet you!  Namaste!
 My work and my family fulfils me and many of my clients have become beautiful spiritual friends.  I feel very blessed and never lonely.  In truth, I  am not alone at all.  I have plenty of Spirit Guides and Friends in Light hanging around me all the time.  You might laugh at how I speak to them.  Our conversations are often quite literal and vocal.  When I'm out in public I have to remember not to speak to them aloud; I've experienced more than a few awkward moments when I've forgotten that.  
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God Bless
Your Sister In Light,
Joy Star
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