There is another pathway in which Joy and her Spirit Guides provide service and guidance ~ Intuitive Counseling.

You may wish to consider this type of counseling, instead of  requesting a psychic reading.   Although Spirit Guides are always at hand to direct Joy through the progression of a counseling session, it is not quite the same as a psychic reading.
Psychic predictions are not necessarily a part of a Counseling Session.  Instead, through conversation in which you are encouraged to express feelings and talk about your concerns,  the gentle direction that you receive as you talk with Joy and her guides,  will enable you to cleanse, rebalance and heal.
Joy has worked with people on an intimate counseling level for many years while practicing Physical Therapy.  Psychological studies were part of the educational curriculum that prepared her to practice therapy.  In addition, she has acquired substantial counseling experience in her capacity as a psychic medium while doing readings.  Metaphysical and Spiritual study has been the major focus of  Joy's life.  Her focus on human behavioral growth and development led to the spiritual path that she currently embraces.  She has additionally     incorporated a wealth of understanding through her own life experiences while raising three grown daughters.  
And yes, she has loved one's crossed over too.
You can read more about Joy before requesting a counseling session if that would help you to feel more comfortable with who she is. 
Also, the testimonials that people write about her work will also give you a feel for the compassionate, gentle guide that she is.
You may like to read the entries in her current guest book on her home page which will give you and idea of  her work. 

Joy is a Lightworker and in that capacity is in service to all those who come to her.  The counseling session price was kept low as possible; $65 for a full hour. 

As a reminder,  Joy continually remains open to your Spirit Guides and her own Spiritual Helpers as she guides you through counseling sessions.
Again, the Intuitive Counseling sessions last
and Joy receives guidance from your Spirit Guides and the Angels during the session. 
Dove of Peace
Dove of Peace
OR Feel free to call Joy at 828-688-9703 to discuss counseling sessions. 
God Bless!
Counseling Provided by a Spiritual Lightworker
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